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Hello everyone, from Athens, Greece!

I have just joined your very interesting site so that I get to meet more people in the book business and that I also get to present our book to you.

Anyway, I own MindPower Publishing, a small press publishing house and we have made a very bold move- we have published the first volume of a fantasy trilogy by a new author, by the name of Tantz Aerine.

Why we took this leap of faith? Because we were looking to branch out to the literature sector (we have been making non-fiction english-learning books up to now) and we wanted something to reflect our philosophy: new, original, archetype breaking and so well written you starve yourself before you put the book down!

So, a year into the enterprise, we have gotten several excellent, enthusiastic reviews on the book, we are preparing to release the second volume, and in the same time feel confident to make the title (and the author) known on a more international level.

The Art of Veiling was written in English, by the way; we translated it in Greek and released it in both languages. How's that for daring?

If you want to look us up, here is the Publishing House URL:

And here is the site we made for the fantasy trilogy!

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Hi from another Greek author.

Can you add the website url again as I'd like to take a look at your site.

I've been looking for a Greek publisher for a while now.
Sure! Where do you live?

here is the website: MindPower Publishing

here is the fantasy trilogy site: The Art of Veiling
Hi Tanya.

I've taken a look at the site. I'm sure glad you had the option to read the site in English. The cover for The Art of Veiling is awesome.

I live in Corfu, by the way.

Are you only publishing fiction in the genre of Fantasy?
Do you not speak Greek?

I'm glad you like it. We always make custom made covers for each volume.

We publish everything we find to be profoundly original and along the lines of our outlook and philosophy.

We are very flexible people.
17 years here and I'm still learning. I find it a very difficult language to speak.

Are you open to submissions, and what are your guidelines. I couldn't see any information about this on your site.
We are always open to submissions. We prefer double-spaced format, with a header with your name and phone number at the top of each page.

Also a cover letter with your resume and contact information.

You must, however, allow us at least a couple of months to read it, as we are a small team and need time to read submissions.


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