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it must be at least as valuable raw as it is processed and packaged. I have taste tested my skills with generations of audiences and remain unpublished because I am sadly uneducated having chosen life skills over college courses. I truly believe in my ability as an author of unique perspective. I can communicate just about any belief once I believe in it and sort the rest out later. Who knows the way who isn't so quick to pass me by as if I am of no consequence with that which I have learned to communicate?

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Being uneducated in the schools doesn't mean you can't be published. I never finished high school and I taught myself to write and published six books with tradional publishers. Which means I didn't publish them myself. I have since published five of my own because they get out quicker and i make more by doing it myself and not because one of the traditional publishers wouldn't have taken them. So don't think because you may not have graduated or gone to college you can't publish. Perhaps by learning life's lessons the hard way, our books can be better because we've lived it. Shirley
Yes Shirley, I am certain that you are right. Truth has a sound to it that frightens the masses into docility when action is required. When did we become so careless as a people. No wonder the Bible refers to Jesus' flock as 'sheep'. What a pity that man must wage war against his brother and each other with falsehoods and judgements rather than work together to find peace. The bible says it has always been so. I would write a new one for a new millenium by women. Are you interested in a section of that?
Not sure I know what it would be about. My email address is In case you want to email me privately.....shirley


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