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Hi all-
I recently wrote a 5 page guide on why book authors should use Wordpress as part of their web presence. This is especially helpful in light of social media centric environment that authors live and work in today. You can find that 5 page download here along with a blog entry on why the book authors market is ripe for blogging.

But I'd like to get further feedback, and words of praise from those who have used Wordpress and love it. You can post comments here, but I would certainly appreciate it if you could post the same comments on my blog here. Basically, why do you love it? How has it helped you? etc...

When posting to my blog and here for that matter, please include your name, book, and website url so that I can quote you appropriately for a future article/guide that I will work on. This is part of ongoing research that I am putting together for the book authors market.

Get Your Own Wordpress Blog Installed

PS. I attached the 5 page guide to this discussion as well for those interested.

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Thanks for the .pdf Dean, I'll look it over. I'm familiar with WordPress and use it now, but I also use Blogger for my blogs and have just started to delve into Joomla for the larger CMS stuff. However, if I were to start a new blog I would go with WordPress.



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Thanks for the response, Peter. I'm curious to know as to why not just import your Blogger blog over to WP? Far more productive.
I would but at this point I've got pretty good Google SERPs for my blog so I don't want to change the URL. Also, I'm using the blogspot version (instead of pointing it to my own domain) and from my understanding WordPress (the dot com version) doesn't allow certain affiliate systems.

However, I do use WordPress for some other blogs (where I am simply a contributor) and it has many more features, especially the feature to have "pages" with various posts which I like.


Director: Bauu Institute and Press
Publisher: Great New Books Reviewed
Editor: Indigenous Peoples Issues Blog
Editor: Indigenous Peoples & Resources
The "word" on wordpress is that it's the hot setup for blogs, but I prefer Nucleus. Less whistles and bells, more intuitive to operate, simpler to learn, easy to instal and work back end.
Hi Dean!

I started my first and only blog with wordpress in Jan of this year [ 2008 ], while in the process of publishing my second book ZEN Shredding. I'm familiar with much of the website story and enjoy building/managing my own, simple website.

Blogging was however new terrain for me! I especially choose Wordpress because of the stunning visual appeal it had for me, other providers simply do not have the same feel or look to their offerings. As a first time user, the technical side of "other" providers systems seemed, well, more complicated. I actually deleted a second blog I was in the process of creating, as the wordpress process seemed to be so much more organic/simple AND as I said before, the visual options were to good to pass on: a variety of easy to use choose/use templates was like walking into a candy store.

The other aspect I have noticed in my own process is how blogging has affected my writing. I see writing more of a venue and tool, I don't really see myself as a "professional" writer [whatever that means ]. The process of blogging allows so much room for spontaneity, especially when you have the interaction of other readers/bloggers joining in. It is a vehicle that has transformed the way I write, pushed it to another level, so to speak...



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