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I'm an experienced graphic designer who would like to work for herself from now on. I was wondering where self-publishing authors and small presses go to connect with cover artists and book designers? My experience is mostly with magazines, but I've always wanted to work with books.

My portfolio is here:

I will be adding some more book covers in the near future. Do you think I should add some examples of interior pages, too?

I'll appreciate any advice anyone has.

Tea Rose

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Hi Tea Rose,
Hope this finds you well. From someone who can't draw two straight lines together on a page, but who has had books published by 3 different E-publishers. Each publisher has their own cover artists, and I am fairly sure that they are freelances. Maybe that might be a starting point for you.
My website is

If you would like to take a look at my covers from the three different publishers, it might give you some idea about what I am on about, and I guess you would just make an approach to them.

Hope this is helpful.
Margaret Tanner



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