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Hi all--

I'm a new member of your fabulous Book Marketing Network and thrilled to be here. I know there are a couple of areas for posting book marketing-related materials, so I thought I'd start in the main forum. I run the website, a resource for new and emerging authors. I'm currently soliciting essays by authors for two sections on the site.

Publishing My First Book
This section is open only to traditionally published authors (no PublishAmerica please), and asks authors to participate in a mini-interview that asks one question "tell us about your experience in getting your first book published." We post the response on the website and in our newsletter that is distributed to 9,000 subscribers. You can view the section at Publishing My First Book

Meet the Author
This section is open to traditionally published and self-publish authors and provides a little more space for authors to "tell their own story." Basically the section has two rules. It must be written in the first person, and it should offer some advice or encouragement to other authors or writers hoping to get published. We also post the responses on the website and newsletter You can view the section at Meet the Author

The blurbs in both sections are also promoted around the web, including on the blog. The latest ones also appear on my profile page here at the Book Marketing Network. Feel free to contact me if you have more questions.


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Hello I am writing on the behalf of Hugh Harrison, who is from the uk. He has a childrens Book out but its self published. The book is ideal for boys 6-9 year olds. The Adventures of Rufus. We are doing this by mail order. Hugh the Author, is partially sighted and to write this book has taken a lot of time and trouble. But everything costs. The Book is listed with Amazon uk. @£4.99 plus postage. Hugh also has many other books in mind but at the moment money is tight . We are hoping that a publisher will take it on as Hugh owns the rights to his book. Regards Amandah
I'd love to participate in Meet the Author.

How long can the essay be? do you want cover images, profile picture and book information?
Hi Karina--

We don't have a set limit. We usually ask for about 350 words, but it can be shorter or longer if that works for you. The blurb is set up to promote the author (and not necessarily specifically the book), so we ask for a bio, in which you can mention the book, and a photo of yourself.

The book cover image and book info, however, is reserved for our advertisers.
I would like to participate in your meet the author segment. What is the process for submitting information. I would like to tell my story in getting published and offer some information to help other authors not get discouraged as there are many sources which offer great information. Many of these have links on my web site which is a resource for other authors to obtain marking information and opportunities. Please let me know it there is any limit on the information that I would provide. Is it acceptable to promote my current book, if not that is fine as the more exposure I receive the better my name will be recognized.
Hey Dennis--

You can submit the information to monica "at sign" oncewritten "dot" com. We ask the bio to be about 50 words (but we aren't very strict on that) and within that we like to try to keep the URLs down to about two, otherwise the bio becomes quite hard to read. Within that scope, it's all up to you, and we can even create anchor text for you, if you're watching your SEO terms.

If you have any problems, reply by PM here, and I can help you out with the rest.



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