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This is one of the things that I have yet to receive a good understandable explanation of;
What does the Amazonbooks ranking # really mean on a day to day basis?
I don't think it means much for a book ranked 50,000 or lower. Probably only meaningful for the top 10,000. Does anyone have a good understanding of it? Merry Christmas!

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I do not know everything about the ranking on Amazon only that the numbers indicate activity for the topic. The more people search for a given book, topic or author the numbers get lower. The more activity or sales the lower the number. I recently saw a drastic drop in my sales ranking for my book and when I received my royalty statement there was a sale. I feel that the lower the number the more sales or activity there is for a specific book, topic or author.

Hope this helps
I do know that the number has to do with sales only, not just activity or searching for a book.
I think it's very important to get good rankings among as many good companies as a writer can acquire. We all are influenced when it seems everyone else reads a book or catches a certain movie. Soon, others will want to experience it. It also confirms the book is a good buy when someone is purchasing it as a gift. It's what everyone else is doing.
From what I've heard, they say the ranking your book has resembles how many other books are selling better than yours within that time period which could be an hour, week, etc. It depends on how fast the numbers are bouncing. If your book has a ranking of 1 million or more then that means there are a million other titles selling better than yours (at the time the ranking is done). It changes every hour or every few hours. That is what I've come to learn through research and others who know more about the ranking.

I remember one lady who self-published got so excited when her book had a ranking of 800,000. She thought that meant how many copies her book was selling!!! Imagine how she felt to realize this wasn't the case.

Best Wishes!


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