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Do you have announcements you would like to post in my January newsletter? See samples of announcements here:

We could take a couple of short poems, but we do NOT need articles at this time.

Thank you!

Yvonne Perry

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So if not articles, what are you looking for?
Hello Yvonne,
I hope you post the following:

Please check out my video interview on "Today's Author With David Ewen" on YouTube where we discuss the genesis of my novel "Painting The Invisible Man."

Thank you,
Rita Schiano, author "Painting the Invisible Man" and "Sweet Bitter Love"
I typically accept three articles per issue; however, I have already filled that space for January. I am looking for announcements such as the ones listed here:

February 2, 2009 at 7:30pm
Distant Land Bookstore, Pasadena,California

Travel writer, Linda Ballou, shares the secret side of paradise in her novel Wai-nani, High Chiefess of Hawaii-Her Epic Journey. Wai-nani, Linda’s ultimate destination piece, is a portal into a world we can’t get to any other way. She will also impart tips on how to make travel writing work for you.


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