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Are you a preacher or a preacher's wife? Then I need your help!

I am working on my first novel and I am calling it "The Sins of a Preacher's Wife!" Copyrighted by Christine M Ramey 2010. I am interested in knowing the things that are most difficult about working together as a team. What is the biggest problems you have? I am discovering in my research about the different crimes that are committed while being in this position. If you have any thoughts or ideas that would help me please feel free to leave them here for me! Thanks!


Blessed To Write,

Christine M Ramey


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I am a preacher's wife and one of my biggest challenges is that sometimes I want to take over his role. Sometimes I know God is giving me ideas for the ministry (we are overall responsible for the family ministry) and I feel that my husband is too slow in taking action and going forward and implementing the ideas.

I guess that is just lack of patience on my part. LOL

Thanks for responding. This ideas will help me a lot with my plot. I am trying to reach out to preacher's and their wife. It is hard to be in that position and this book is close to me as I was a PK. I know the challenges first hand but want to bring it in the open as I have seen on the news how they have gone corrupt. I know there are good preacher's but there are also the ones that make it difficult for the good ones to keep doing good. Thanks again. I will apply your thoughts within the plot somehow.

God Bless you and your husband in the ministry God has set before you. Be patient and lean on the Lord in all things!

Blessed To Write,
Christine M Ramey


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