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"Your life changes when you meet people." - Sterling Valentine

I want to encourage the authors and publishers on this Book Marketing Network to work together to help each other to sell more books. That's the main reason I created this network in the first place.

There are so many ways that you can help each other. For example, I wrote an article on 30 Ways to Help a Book Author You Love - Most of those ways apply not only to your friends but also to authors helping each other.

In addition, you can do joint ventures, Amazon Bestseller Campaigns, blog tours, and more.

Please use this forum right here to list your requests for partners as well as your responses or offers to help other authors.

You'll be amazed at what you can accomplish if you work together rather than alone.

For example, I'd love to see a fiction writers co-op promotion where each novelist promotes the other members in the co-op on their blog or website or social network. Tweet about each other. Like each others' Facebook page. Do joint blog tours.

Poets can do the same thing. So can business book authors. Spiritual authors. Christian authors. Cookbook authors. Etc.

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We all try to help each other here.

I only joined back in December, but took the approach that before I could succeed, first I had to help other indie authors that write in my genres.

We all want our own book(s) to sell.

But very few are willing to help out a fellow writer to achieve their goal first.

May I suggest that you get to know a few other people here-you are welcome to friend as many of my friends as you like.

Joleene Naylor just launched her sixth book in her Amaranthine series and we are all trying to help her make it a successful launch.

Maybe you could introduce yourself to her and read her book and post a review-that would be a big help.

Thank you and we hope you enjoy your stay at The Book Marketing Network!

thank you for the good advice

You never know what will help sell until you do it when it comes to blogs. I have done guest posts on big blogs and sold nothing, then done one on a little blog and has a couple sales. Of course there are things that can increase or decrease your luck, like if you write vampires with lot of sex, posting on a christian blog will probably not help you, or if you write chick lit romance and post to a sci-fi blog (which generally have a primarily male audience). so there is always that to consider, but any exposure is exposure in the end.

I have options on my blog at http://joleenenaylor.wordpresscom that let authors do either a character interview or else have a book excerpt posted. links to details are on the right sidebar - you may need to scroll a little to find them. 

also if you have your own blog it's a good idea to post other author's guest posts sometimes. I've actually made some good friends - and fans - through those character interviews (right, DM Yates?) LOL! 

" help each other to sell more books..."  

With that concept in mind John, I've set up a website- - The idea of is to offer a review that is of quality and then promote the e-book on the site with links to the selling pages for the author-Free from charge. 

I also believe that authors can bounce concepts/suggestions/ideas off each other to get an honest opinion on full or part manuscripts (ones that are in the latter stages or pre-press).

I hope this idea works out for you. And pays you well.


Joleene Naylor writes very well. Her stories definitely not a typical scenario.  :)

Denis, what are you proposing? Are you wanting to view indie author's work and review it?

A good idea, Denis! 

I am currently presenting a survey on a topic near and dear to all of our hearts and would truly appreciate your input. This will help those of us who design book covers for authors to know what the buying public prefers.

Click here to take this short survey.

Your help in passing it along, too, is always welcome.

Thank you,

Ginger Marks

DocUmeant Publishing & Designs

Done. I'd be interested to see the results you get :) 

Thank you Joleen. I will be speaking on book cover design and layout at the Florida Authors and Publishers Association Fall Conference and need the results as a speaking point. Therefore, I much appreciate you taking the time to add your opinion and experience. I'll see what I can do to share the results.

Will look forward to it :) As a book cover designer on the side I am always interested in that sort of thing, LOL!

Hi John,

I wanted to invite you and everybody else reading this discussion to work together to promote one another here on The Book Marketing Network.

I just posted my latest blog/book review entitled What I Am Reading.

This week I am spotlighting our very own Eric Robert Nolan. My review is of his book entitled The Dogs Don't Bark in Brooklyn Any More.

Please check out the blog and then go to Mr. Nolan's page here on The Book Marketing Network. From there you can follow the link to his website and find the free sneak peek of his book at Smashwords and Amazon.

Thanks John!



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