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"Your life changes when you meet people." - Sterling Valentine

I want to encourage the authors and publishers on this Book Marketing Network to work together to help each other to sell more books. That's the main reason I created this network in the first place.

There are so many ways that you can help each other. For example, I wrote an article on 30 Ways to Help a Book Author You Love - Most of those ways apply not only to your friends but also to authors helping each other.

In addition, you can do joint ventures, Amazon Bestseller Campaigns, blog tours, and more.

Please use this forum right here to list your requests for partners as well as your responses or offers to help other authors.

You'll be amazed at what you can accomplish if you work together rather than alone.

For example, I'd love to see a fiction writers co-op promotion where each novelist promotes the other members in the co-op on their blog or website or social network. Tweet about each other. Like each others' Facebook page. Do joint blog tours.

Poets can do the same thing. So can business book authors. Spiritual authors. Christian authors. Cookbook authors. Etc.

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Great review! :D

Thanks Joleene :-)

work with me to help you sell more books!

Please leave a comment on the blog :-)

I wonder if anyone has any suggestions on competitions for first-time authors, as a way of increasing exposure?  I saw something here about participating in a "cover war", but haven't heard about that before.  Any other suggestions for writing competitions that are worthwhile?

I admit, I generally avoid competitions like the plague, but I do know the cover war - it's at BUT as far as I know I have not seen any increased sales from it (this month stared in the middle of last month and is running to the end of May  - middle of last month I had recently released a new book so though I had increased sales at that time I don't know if this impacted that or not. at this point - since this one dragged out longer - I think  most people still voting are return voters etc. who are just going to support their author of choice and not really looking for books)  and it costs $$ to enter your book. I can't say you won't have better luck than I have, but I like to always be upfront about what worked/didn't work for me.  There are also cover contests on but it's not til the end of the year and it's a bit confusing (I thought) and again I didn't notice any significant numbers. Those are the only two I've tried. I have had some book cover clients put the covers on (there are categories besides covers on this one) and also - but it's more cover commentary. 

Thanks, Joleene.   I actually wrote this in response to your post where you mentioned your cover war participation.  I just wrote and self-published my first book, so these issues are all new to me!

Thimblerig's Ark has a very cool looking cover!

Maybe you should try it :-)

4-LAN, a customer just told us your review was helpful to them while shopping on Amazon.

The Dogs Don't Bark In Brooklyn Any...

The Dogs Don't Bark In Brooklyn Any...

5.0 out of 5 stars

What I Am Reading
March 27, 2014

Hi all,

I have recently released my first non-fiction book, The Flame: Mode Of Living, its a diet of life program based on occult, spirituality, New Age, scientific, and metaphysical theory. Check out my site would love some guidance from more experienced people to help me with something i am very passionate about.


Work with me to help you sell more books.

Please stop by and leave a comment on the blog.

Here is an author co-op idea that I'm currently working on for the marketing of my novel. Feel free to comment in any way on the idea. The theory is in the preliminary stage as it is involved and could use some BMN brainstorming.

    I'm researching a package in the "video" media for book promotion. The package includes one chapter in script form of the book, actors, props and location. All are problematic for sure, but when arranged as properly as the book is written, then I can produce a "video" advertising the flavor of my story with just one chapter. However, the cost could be divided among other authors who live in the same area. The "video" can be posted on You Tube for the final test.

    This is about the only direct, practical marketing way for someone like me (unknown author) to reach a wide audience. An unknown will need a wide audience to leap beyond the 200 to 300 dollars that I've seen here. The "video" media isn't that far out of reach since the production is entirely in the author's hands.

There is a place in our book formatting website where you can promote your book for free. Book authors can post their book in our bookish page.

Authors can post articles, pictures, press release, promotions, announcements of book signings and other events. We do daily tweets and other social media to promote the page.


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