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"Your life changes when you meet people." - Sterling Valentine

I want to encourage the authors and publishers on this Book Marketing Network to work together to help each other to sell more books. That's the main reason I created this network in the first place.

There are so many ways that you can help each other. For example, I wrote an article on 30 Ways to Help a Book Author You Love - Most of those ways apply not only to your friends but also to authors helping each other.

In addition, you can do joint ventures, Amazon Bestseller Campaigns, blog tours, and more.

Please use this forum right here to list your requests for partners as well as your responses or offers to help other authors.

You'll be amazed at what you can accomplish if you work together rather than alone.

For example, I'd love to see a fiction writers co-op promotion where each novelist promotes the other members in the co-op on their blog or website or social network. Tweet about each other. Like each others' Facebook page. Do joint blog tours.

Poets can do the same thing. So can business book authors. Spiritual authors. Christian authors. Cookbook authors. Etc.

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Please check out this week's edition of What I Am Reading featuring the dystopian science fiction story The Twenty Year Reset by Alan Sickler

I could use a partner or partners! I have started publishing fresh translations of ancient Bible commentaries. If anyone has an interest in partnering with me then I will be open for it.

Work with me to help promote you!

Please check out my review of The Carnarvon Creeper by The Book Marketing Network's very own Martin Murphy.

B.E. Wilson's first novel, Highway to the Stars: The Beginning was published on June 4, 2014. This is my summary, but trust me when I say, I am no writer. The actual author can tell a story much better than I can. He'll be around after the sequel is in the hands of the editor. Until then, you are stuck with me, his biggest fan, tooting the horn.

Highway to the Stars is a trilogy that begins in the present following the life of the protagonist, John Kemp, an automotive engineer. He and his crew are tasked with the assignment to chemically alter diesel fuel to increase mileage. Then disaster hits John's life. He and his team all get fired AND he finds his wife in bed with another man on the same day! ( I really wouldn't want to be John that day, lol) Does John give up? NO! He and the guys decide to continue their research in a make shift lab in an old garage. While trying to come up with the right formula, they instead stumble on a much larger discovery. One that will alter their lives forever and make them a target for others who want to steal their discovery. Four ordinary guys in possession of a life as we know it altering discover are forced to go on the run while trying to harness the power at their fingertips. They dream of its capabilities, but can it help them achieve their dreams to reach the stars? You will have to read to find out. :-)

The book is available on Amazon in ebook and paperback both. I hope as lovers of science fiction that you will give this new author a glance. In my humble opinion as a reader, Mr. Wilson wrote a story that allowed me to connect with imaginary people, travel to a place I can only dream of seeing (space), took me on an adventure, kept me on the edge of my seat, turning page after page with excitement AND made me laugh hysterically many times. Trifecta, Hat-trick, Touchdown with two point conversion even! That is how to LIVE a story!


Get your book trailer seen by more people for FREE!

Is this for real? Can you please provide some good samples?

I checked it out. It looks cool, and its free for a month trial only. Then you have to pay. I still might try it out. Any exposure even if its for a month free trial may be worth it. Never know.

Michael, by samples, do you mean other ads on ?

I have check them already, I see good results. But, I want to see other samples too. Yes!

Use the free service and try it out. But note that blurbsurfer doesn't have much traffic, at least as measured by Alexa where no traffic is measured of any significance at all.


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