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I'm looking for a listing of book fairs. Anyone got a list or link.

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Hi Blake,

Do you mean festivals? Haven't heard of anyone doing a book fair in a long time. I didn't know they still did them. You'll have a better shot by googling. That way you can find out what events are being carried on in your neck of the woods. You can also check out your local libraries and bookstores. Libraries, especially usually have info on what's going on in the literary world, especially locally.

Best Wishes!
Thank You,
I'll have to check festivals out. Yes, I'm registered for several book fairs in my area. But, I'm looking towards a large scope of readers and am willing to travel.

Thanks Blake
Blake, I have a listings of book fairs and festivals on my web site The listing is alphabetical and by state. Check it out.

Hope it is what you are looking for.

Thanks for the listing. I really appreciate it! Have a blessed day.

K.M. Johnson
Author of ~ Knowing The Struggle Is Over! Available Now!!!
"You're not the situation you're in!"
Thanks Melissa for the info!

Participation in book fairs is a great way of promoting a book, it is not only helpful to the newbie authors but established authors can also take a great advantage of various popular book fairs. You can always log into sites like to have information about various book fairs.
My publisher is a member of ibpa and are able to get involved with some major conferences and venues. We also googled local festivals that coincided with our book genre.


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