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I tried to make a youtube video to promote my book "Our Explosive Sun".  

Not sure if this would help. Anybody else tried this???

My book is also now available on iTunes.. :)

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I watched your video and noticed that it has only been viewed 41 times since June, and that includes my visit. Getting people to your video will take marketing just as your book will. YouTube seems like a valid and visual avenue, but first people have to be attracted there. I am not sure they will stumble upon it accidentally.

True point Glen. I embed my youtube videos into my blog posts and distribute through social media. Some videos end up being more popular than others.

Also doing some video response comments of other videos in your niche is helpful too. That means when popular videos in your niche come up in the search, your video will be there toward the top of the comments.

Am just about to do that. My mentors have told me you need it plus upload it to your amazon author page at Amazon Author Central, so it comes up on your book display page. Apparantly increases the conversion. I'm doing that this week so we shall see.


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