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I write books about open source Ecommerce, which means free website management programs where you can sell your downloadable or other books online, accept credit cards, and have the money appear in your checking account. I have published fourteen books on these programs since 2003, and my books are written for NON-TECHNICAL NEW USERS. This probably means you!

I would LOVE to exchange free copies of my ebook with other authors who could use this knowledge, and who will post a review on Amazon from the view of my target audience, the non-technical new user.

In return I will read and review your books for your target audience on Amazon or wherever you wish. If I have any criticism I will send it to you first to review and I hope you will do the same.


p.s. You can request the free reviewer copy from my website at

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Great idea, good luck.  Edward Smith

Hi Kerry, I am definitely interested in a review exchange! Let me know!

I am interested in exchanging review, I am interested I have two cookbooks here on amazon. It's is free on, you can download it off of amazon



If you interested, let me know so that I review your books too.

Looking forward for your reply.



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