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What book marketing material do you provide your potential customers during book signings besides your book, bookmarks or postcards? If nothing, why not?

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A two sided book marker with a good color shot of the cover, your website, brief synopsis of the book and something about the author. That's all you'll ever need. Stick it in each signed book if they want it or not. Also give one to everyone who does not buy your book. When the realize they goofed, they'll know how to get one.
You have to put something in the hand of the non-buyer. Give you a chance to interact with that person and ya never know, they just might come back.
John C. Bieber
Thank you for the idea, Mr. Bieber! I was wondering the same thing, so you've helped two people! I was also thinking about the two-sided bookmarker or even a business card just for handing out to people I meet. I want something that's going to be useful, so I was considering putting a mini calendar on the reverse. Too many times people pick up a business card, scan it, and when they get home, toss it in the trash.
I provide bookmarks and postcards. I know from personal sales experience that people hang on to cards. I worked for AT&T Wireless for five years at a call center, and I can't count the number of times people called in and said, "I was going through my desk drawer and I came across this card I received last year. Can I still get this deal?" So, the bookmark and card are virtually the same form of advertising. It's something people keep, and something they may decide on many months down the road.
I truly believe in this concept too. I will get with my printer lady to her to make me this, if not then I will go to vista print to do this for me. I need to get on this so i am the 3rd person you have helped. My book has been out 1 month now with me No one wants to keep it on the shelves. the rejected letters not only from regular publishers but I done this myself. I could not wait another 5 yrs to have this done the tradtional way so I did all the footwork myself and now its time to slug this along and push push push to sell... I really do not like to sit at a desk for 8 hours pushing, I will only do booksignings for 3 hours no more. I think that to take away 3 hours of my precious day is good enough, unless I can bring my computer at the book signing so I can continue writing my next story.
The new one is a doozy too. but unlike my 61 stories I have written, this one will be sequel series.
Okay i know i am bragging but I want to get somthings done i am tired of doing nothing with my precious time.
I will be leaving on a cruise with hubby guess what? I will take my handy computer too. To help me work on my new book, from the big ship... maybe I will do a story on how people spend their money on a ship?
From my experience, book markers, book covers and postcards are not the only thing that you need. People get these things all the time. For example, last year I went to the Harlem Book Fair, that is a major book fair where lots of authors come to showcase their books and get sales. I saw more bookmarks, postcards and fliers about books on the ground than anything else. People are inundated with that stuff. We even did a focus group recently to find out how many people keep this stuff and if they didn't why not and what would they prefer. Buyers like originality. You can use bookmarkers, bookcovers and postcards but make sure they are designed differently or stand out above the rest. They have to be unique. People remember unique! People want to feel special about buying your book and when you are competing against everyone else who is doing the same thing you are, then you are not being unique or making yourself memorable and you have to work extra hard to get those sales.
Just my experience!


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