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We are consistently hearing that authors need a platform before even publishing their book. And then we need to brand ourselves. As Christians this can be especially difficult to know where exactly to draw the line. God says it's not "all about us" and the world says it is. How do we brand ourselves and still remain true to our calling?

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Author Branding: The You That Is Everywhere - a great article about how it's important and how even Fed Ex/Kinkos didn't get it right.
I have tried to maintain a professional look with regards to my book, website, Blog, and social media sites (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) - by continuity and quality. Even my business cards, bookmarks, author cards, and other marketing materials keep the same theme and overall look. I designed my own company logo and helped with the book cover design. You can view my website at

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My book

What a good question.I am branding spirituality in my books,blogs and in everything that I write.Which makes it easier for me to stay true to my calling.When someone hears the name S.E.Gregg,they will know that it must be
something that is spiritual and Christian.
Can Chistians Self-Promote is a great article

I believe that we read too much into things.  Publishing a book is a business and you have to make money.  We can't depend on our friends, church family, and pastor to promote our book for us.  At the very least an author's goal is to break even on the financial investment in publishing a book.  Hey, authors don't have the resources to give their book away.  Televangelists promote their books and products and is there such discussion?  No. If you want to get your message out there, work that internet marketing plan!



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