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   Hello, I am sitting here at 12:43 a.m., thinking about being an author and how to engross yourself in the semantics of becoming a self-published author.  Something that a publisher would do if they pick you up.  They have many avenues and directives to go with an author, and they have the funds to do what they need to do.  I found out to have your books before Barnes & Noble; it cost a publisher 10 thousand dollars.  Yet, I said it just right it cost that much to get your book out to the front so everyone can see it.  I was thinking about doing the same thing; however, would they do the same for me because I am a self-published author?  I never took the time out to ask them, but I will ask because my husband asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I like going tell him either a poster on the highway,  pay a significant book store to put my books out there in the forefront so that all can see.

   There are so many of us out there, trying to get that breakthrough to become someone like Michelle Obama, who sold out her books in one day, making millions.  I mean, she was the first lady of the president, and she is an attorney, so she is known to those out there. So the question is, how do we authors who don't have the wave of a Michelle Obama or the venture of Oprah? How do we become just a slip of "have you read her or his book?"  How do we make ourselves relevant? So these are all the thoughts that I am having right now; while I mentally prepare for this Book Fair that I signed up for that is happening Saturday, yes, this Saturday, the 11th.

    As I fight hard to bring my name to become a thought in someone's mind, I want to know if they even care to see how I struggled, died to become an author today.  I did not want to do this because I was pretty embarrassed to be going through a quick marriage, two in half months, but I couldn't be mad or sorry. I did what I was supposed to do, and he did not.  There are so many that told me that I need to put my book out there because I will help someone else.  But I thought about if they are in bondage right now, stuck in an abusive relationship, they will not be able to see or hear about my book unless enough people make a lot of fuss about how I am helping the next person.  Or about how I died while my ex-husband was choking me with his hands but woke up by God's Grace.

     I heard Reverend Carter teach about "It Had to Happen."  I was curious about what he was talking about the topic. It had to happen.  As I listened to the words he stated, I then understood why I had to die at his hands since he was already choking me to death; God had to keep his promise to me, Psalm 18:48 states, "...I will deliver you from that violent man."  Well, he very well could not do it if I am laying there dead by this man's hands and while he is having sex with a dead body, God wakes me up to this.  Oh, that is another sick twist to my story; you will never understand because I did not.

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Our Book Fair that is happening Saturday the 11th of December, Eastern time 11 a.m. (VIRTUAL) Yes you can shop without leaving your home.

This is what I want to put up as a poster on Highways for marketing and exposure, do you agree this is great or not?  I watch all the ones we pass everyday when my husband takes me out. 


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