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Greetings all author's and aspiring alike.  I was recently offered a contract by Otherworld Publications and although I think I am going to sign it, there are a few things inside the contract that bother me.  One of which is the artwork.  I was told that the company will provide the artwork for my novel, but in the contract it states that I am responsible for the artwork.  Whether this means that they will create the artwork and I give my say on it or whether I need to have artwork ready myself I am unclear.  If anyone has information on this company it would be greatly appreciated.  My work is in the Fantasy/Science Fiction genre.

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As they say, I believe, they will create the artwork and let you approve it.
It would be clearer if you hear from them. So, just question/ask them. Don't fear.
'The more one question the more he receive answers.'


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