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Can custom cover design be secured for under $150?

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I did my own cover, you can too.
Sure, if you are not going to do your own covers (which I have done - check them out on my publishing page), you can try and get an intern or undergrad to do one at your local college. I'm sure a budding graphic design person would love to get the chance to make a book cover.

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if you want custom covers for a low price go to they hire people on the price that you can afford and conditions, always own your own covers, get it in writing
You have to contact Marcello Milteer (on this network). He's the author of Karate Cat. He did my cover for my next book. He is great, reasonable and a pleasure to work with.

I am doing custom covers for $150 right now through the summer, and I'm a professional, working as a freelancer for a few years and over ten years designing covers for a book publisher.

Check out my page here, and check out the work. For $150 you get the eBook cover and the print on demand cover.


I'm a teacher, and we have an extremely talented young artist at our school.  He gladly designed the cover to Thimblerig's Ark for $150, and did a fantastic job.  You might have the same luck if you call around to high school art departments - kids just wanting to bump up their portfolios.


Duong Covers delivers custom print and e-book covers and other graphics for those that seek them for their book. I try my best to make sure that you are satisfied with the finished result. My covers are currently $79.

If you are interested, email me at or visit my website at


Thank you!


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