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Do you feel you lose your authenticity when marketing or promoting your book?

I just wrote a blog post ( points to remember when promoting your book and I wanted to just bring up one point in here to this group.

With all the marketing, promotion and networking sites on the web, do you feel that you have to spend so much time on that you lose your authenticity?

One way to combat that is to take your time and listen to yourself. You don't HAVE to do anything just because so and so said you should do this. It could be a great idea however, for you, at this time, it may not be right for you and you need to stay in your integrity and authenticity. I believe you will feel much better.

What do you say?

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I do not feel you lose your authenticity in promoting your book. There are many ways and methods to promote your book. Some are just a matter of putting information on sites where others may be interested in the topic or story idea. I do agree that any promotional opportunity or efforts should have integrity and be authentic from the heart in what you try to say. Integrity is an important topic with me and one on which I have written many articles and my current book. Integriy: Do You Have It? 2nd edition helps readers understand the concept of integrity and it creates a common set of criteria which is applied to various segments of society. Examples of these are the news, education and politics.
Hi Teresa,

I am a heavy promoter and I prefer the online method and it works well for me. I wouldn't say you lose your authenticity but you do get very tired. Authors must learn to give on certain things. I have had times when I just got so wrapped up in promoting, even to the point of obsession where I became drained and wasn't concentrating on writing. My latest novel came out in June and since then I've been promoting nonstop in some kind of way but a few months ago I got so tired of it. I simply took a little break before it overwhelmed me. Out of all my books, this is the most promotion I've ever done. I enjoy it and proud of myself and I will not stop (because that's what sells books), but I know now how to level it off. When I see that promotion is getting in the way of writing, I take a little break from it. I slack off. I still promote but just not as heavily at certain times. I am always promoting though and I do feel that I lose sight of the real purpose of being an author. The real purpose is writing not promoting but we know that we must do this aggressively or watch our books float into the toilet.

The key is to know that it's okay to take breaks and that you can't have the same stamina down the line of promoting a book as you did when the book first came out.

Best Wishes!

Thank you for responding to my discussion. You each have expressed great points when promoting your book. Take rest when you need it and stay in integrity with your promotional efforts. You don't have to do something (whatever it may be) if it doesn't feel right for YOU.

Thank you again.
Everyone had great answers to your questions! I am promoting (understand the tired piece) the book: Ten Steps to Authenticity by Norma Hollis. It can be found on Amazon. We are also promoting the 'Authenticity Movement' with events nationwide. Peruse: and or Thanks and the best to you all. Tique
So do you feel you lose authenticity when promoting "Ten Steps To Authenticity"?

Just kidding, Tique. Too cheap a gag to pass up.

It's a good question, all right.

I have always been able to sell things I believe in and unable with things I don't believe in. I believe in my work and feel that telling everybody they'd be better off buying it if they know what's good for them is pretty authentic.

Where I feel my integrity threatened is in the editing process, dealing with publishers. (Another point in favor of self-publishing, by the way).

You bring up a good point staying in your integrity. Sometimes, we can get caught up in what others are "suggesting of what we should" do however, it doesn't feel right to us. I believe we tend to lose more if we don't stick with what our gut is telling us is right for us.

I like your honesty Linton and your enthusiasm for your work.

Thank you for adding to the discussion.


Teresa Morrow
I agree with Lin. As long as you believe in the product I don't see how simply marketing it (letting people know it exists) can be a negative in terms of authenticity. Marketing gets a bad rap, but really all your doing is telling people about a cool, new, useful, interesting, exciting book or product that you think they might be interested in.

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