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Does Google Books Hold the Key to your 2010 Book Marketing?

Here's something new.

Many of you may be interested in how Google Books can help you with your self publishing efforts, as were we last summer, when the Beta released. And with all the attendant publicity about Google Books, you would do well to get up to speed on this option, for focusing your marketing efforts in the blizzard of online Book promotion. If you are ready for some entirely NEW information, BASED on actual testing, then we invite you to consider joining us for our inaugural online conference call related to our own direct experiences.

We have conducted a test of our Super Niche Publishing, with focused delivery of the Google Books Full edition of our new book, Wings & Dreams: 4 Elements of a New Feminism(Sophia Sirius Publishing of Germany and are pleased to make the initial results for distribution and placement available.

Considering the option was to send out 500 books to these groups, at an average cost of 10 Euro (around 14 USD) each, including S&H, we are already at least 5000 Euros ahead in savings. And, the readership numbers, are rising approximately 15% per day, as the marketing saturates our focused audience.

 We will be featuring this on a conference call, through technology(you'll need this to access the call), on Wednesdays at 3:00 pm, New York Time. Set it  up your yuuguu application, and find SelfHelpComputerSupport or through the add contacts screen, and you'll pop up on my screen. Then we'll walk you through our process, while you observe our computer screen, and communicate via Skype or YuuGuu conference call.

Connect with Yuuguu application, call the number listed at top of screen, and we'll tell you how to do our Screen Sharing so you can directly witness our results. No HYPE conference call in place here.

We'll be using our 'Right By My Side' learning technology, as I walk you through the actual pages and reports from our Super Niche Publishing efforts. 

Private demonstrations of our in-process campaign are also available on a reservations basis.

We are willing to walk you through this process, and suggest some avenues to reach your focused market, with this approach. The early indications suggest that we are Right on the Money, as our focus groups, are responding to the online Reader's Edition approach.

For anyone who's wondering how to solve the Niche Publishing challenges with your book, you may find that this is a MUST deal. See my attached Google link for current understandings. We've also attached a copy of the Google Books Digital Edition, so you can evaluate it for use in your own self publishing arena.

BTW, I've been involved in Book and Publishing industries for almost 43 years.

Patrick Dacre
Contact me at for more information on this conference call.

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First two weeks of Google Books online readers reports. Subject to interpretation. Ask me what it means.


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