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I'm new to this forum so first of all , hello to everyone :)


I'm researching programs to convert my book into Ebook format. I apologize in advance if there is already a post about this that I missed. There is a lot out there and of course they are all "the best". My biggest fear is my content being passed freely. I'm not sure if there is a conversion program that includes protection or if thats a whole different product. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



Thanks in advance :)

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I downloaded calibre then used it with my desktop publishing and accidently created software that I can take any format be it html or pdf or word or epub and change it into whatever format you want. If you are looking to take a word and put it into epub or pdf I think calibre will do that. But first you must take your word docx. and put it into html. So it could get tricky. I was going to sell the software, but I first presented an ebook how to put your book into pdf format to sell as digital copy on amazon, and lulu and smashwords, and I've now given away over 500 books. if you need any help or want the ebook let me know

d e bartley
I would like the ebook.
I am interested in this solution. I am already in Word docx and PDF and preparing to generate other formats, as soon as I complete a major update to the PDF e-book. Download my e-book below...

Buddy Page
Seven Star Hand
I think DRM will be helpful. But, they say it's trouble some for those who own ebook rightfully. And, i think, some publisher like,, did not support it.
There is an excellent book out there that has a lot of great information on e-books called, Moonlighting on the Internet by Yanik Silver. You can see if the local library has it - that's where I got my copy.
Thank you for that.


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