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Has anyone here written an ebook and tried to promote it with their own website? I'm wondering how you go about doing this effectively and how you promote yourself as a self-publisher in general.

Much thanks everyone.

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Well, it's not exactly an ebook, but I published a magazine both online and in print, back in 2007, and then again in 2008 and 2009. The first issue was actually a massive success, because I managed to get many powerful writers to help promote the magazine, but then it kind of died away with the second and third issues...

But I did learn a few things. Firstly, a fixed website will help you find new readers for years to come. Even when I stopped promoting the magazine, people would keep finding it, reading it, and sending fan mail! That really helped me to get the energy for an issue.

If you want to see the website I use (which is very simple) then take a look at

I have tried self-publishing books I've written with far less success. People are happy to read independent magazines, but not books, sadly...

All the best,
Hi David,

Thanks for your honest advice and insight. I had never considered an e-magazine although I have started a newletter before. A magazine does require that you have a small staff, doesn't it? That would definitely be a deterent for me.

I checked out your website and was wondering whether you pay to host it or whether it is free hosting. I commend you for putting together such a comprehensive and informative magazine.

I had to pull down the website for my book, because it no longer made sense to continue to pay for hosting the site. I now have it as part my present website which is an Office Live website and is free. I think with the magazine or any self-published book, it's just important to be out there.

Wishing You All The Best,
I didn't pay for the first year, but I'm paying a few dollars for the second one... It's not much money at all, and I think it's worth it for all the attention the magazine still draws.
Thank you Ruth for your extensive and wonderful advice. I agree with what you are saying. You do have to establish real relationships with people, even on the internet. I am finding that at times it takes even more effort to do this online than offline, and patience is the most important quality to develop in the process. Myspace and other similar platforms are good tools to have although I must admit I still have lots of work to do in making full use of them. But I do blog also, and offer a Free report on the blog.

As far as website hosting, I find Office Live free website to have worked for me. Mind you it requires lots of tweaking, but it can work. And none of those pesky ads., which I dislike as well.

I am happy to see that you are making your way satisfactorily in this internet jungle, and keeping your integrity at the same time. Continued success to you in all your ventures.

Wishing You The Best,
I launched my web site on the first day of spring. It sells e-book romances and print novels. It's going well. I promote through a newletter, which advertises my books. I wrote an associated content article, which helped me promote. I created an additional web site based on the subject of love and romance. A week ago, I also created a video with pictures and instrumental soundtrack with Windows Movie Maker. After the video, I saw a big increase in site visitors. I hope this information helps.
Microsoft Live is fabulous. Promoting your book on yur website is great. However you might consider a Virtual Book Tour. I promote my free book on my site, I also did a blog tour. It's a great venue for promoting your book through other websites and blogs. You can visit my site...Book Tours.

To Your Success!
Hi Karen,

I post all my e-books on my personal website. I have had better success with this than I have had with my self-published book LOST PALLIES which is on Amazon. The most ordered book happens my most expensive book. "Living Intuitively" is a workbook and sells for $25.00. Lost Pallies which is on Amazon sells for $14.95 but, without a lot of advertizing and promoting no one knows about it.

I am always surprised when someone actually finds me on the web, as I do not know how to do all the SEO stuff.

The pure delight is when someone orders the download of my e-book which is a PDF. Last year we did a website for my book LOST PALLIES which was not very successful but as I learn more about internet marketing I am sure we can remedy that as well.

To your Success,
Susan Norgren

i am self-publishing and right now i'm at an early stage. i hear a lot about it - good and bad but so far, i think it will go well.

as long as you believe in your book - it will be a success.

networking and blogging helps. i'm looking at the "virtual tour" concept. it looks good to me.

i hope everything goes well with your journey.

let me know, i'll be delighted to read more about how your story goes. :)

dianne - She was Ylian
Skeeze Whitlow
4317 N. 16th Street
Arl. VA 22207
240 – 271 - 7569

Dear Karen,
As a former U.S. Capitol attendant, I offer you Senate Parking. A 90 K word novel about a multicultural crew of parking lot attendants who operate an escort service from the Senate lots. A good look at the underbelly of our law making process. Senate Parking can be listened to at
“Hill Intros” is the brainstorm of attendants unable to obtain employment within the confines of the Capitol. Senate Parking is the story of power structures, on a personal and national level. Done from the perspective of workers who see themselves without much chance of ‘making it’ in a culture of power drivers, Washington’s backdrop provides a tension all its own.
This book concerns every kind of shady deal for which the political arena is famous. Senate Parking is full of anecdotes which let freedom ring. I can provide you with a synopsis or with the complete manuscript – whatever you like. Either way, I’ll be in touch.

Skeeze Whitlow

My second novel is now audio – like old time radio. All you have to do is listen. It’ll make you laff. Go to www.NewFiction,com

Choose ‘Senate Parking’

Skeeze Whitlow


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