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Effective Marketing ideas which increased your book sales

As every self-published author knows once you write your book, getting the word out and finding readers is an essential task that any successful author must engage in.

What are the things you've done which have resulted in an increase in book sales? 

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Free portals allow you to post articles on the Web to promote your book. They offer a great opportunity for you to implement your SEO marketing plan by writing articles with specific keywords that will drive more traffic to your Web site or online press kit.Free social networking sites, such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, offer authors endless possibilities to publicize their books. Social networking connects you with existing fans and readers, and potential customers. It allows you to get a feel for what is happening in your market and to provide excellent customer service.

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Well I of course use facebook to increase reviews & sales. But for me it was also a kicker when I posted little bits of my e-book or a quick look inside of it - as that got a lot of viewers saying "hmmm".

Plus I post to my fan page and twitter giving my users hints on what types of phrases to avoid when email marketing and replacement phrases. This helps in more people wanting to see what my e-books are about.


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