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Amazon knows  if you read more than 10% of a book you download but if you give away promotional ebooks, do you know if they are actually read?. I offered for free copies of THE MYSTERY CLUB SOLVES A MURDER and about 280 people around the world  downloaded it,. BUT the vbook has a sequel that reveals what happened to the villain afterwards. That book is called WHITE SLAVE.  Only two people bought the sequel. Not very good odds. Some people are simply hoarders.

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I have had a similar thing. I gave away 547 of my series starter in December but only sold 40 of the second book...this month I have sold six of the second book and given away 63 of the opener book (it's on perma free) so either a lot of people did not read it or else did not like it enough to go on. I suspect it's the former, not because I think the book is SO amazing, but simply because i know how many free books I have downloaded vs free books I've gotten around to reading...

Priced at only A$3 many of my 36 titles can be had for the price of a cup of coffee,

Yep. mine were on a 99 cent special over the holidays. But people see free and don;t want to pay that 3$ vs paying nothing. we are evolving into a culture that believes entertainment is owed to us and as such has no monetary value. 

I have encountered the same situation.


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