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Hi folks,

I want to start a real blog for my book, which was published last year and was not marketed well (my fault - I didn't know!) Does anyone have recommendations for a particular blog that is most commonly used, or better for book marketing blogging?

I also read one place not to use the URL that contains the blogging platform; e.g.,

What do you think?


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Hi Kathie

Thanks for spelling it out. I have an unrelated blog on and I like the way they work for setup and blogging. I also have a personal site that has a page for my book, but I want to be able to do blogging and that doesn't work with their hosting software. So, I don't want to pay for another hosting package just to get blogging. I guess form what you are suggesting, I should buy the domain(s) for my book and then use blogger. I'll look into that.


So, after reading your note, I did go over to my hosting package and found a feature I had no clue about - a free blog service! (laughing!) So, it is a blog underneath my existing personal site that I will have to figure the best way to manage. It uses Wordpress, which is already a platform I am familiar with. This is a good intermediate step to registering a new site with the name of the book.

Thanks for poking my brain to find a solution that was already out there.

Of course, the blog is a shell right now, but this seems more professional than

My best
If you are serious, the best way to go is buy a URL and install wordpress on it. If you want free, then go with either blogger or wordpress. Remember, if you want to monetize your blog, then the version does not allow this, that is why many use blogger. You can also start with any of the free versions, and if you like it transfer the domain feed to your new url.

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Thank you. I dug around based on what you said and also Kathie, ad I discovered that I can get a free blog on through my hosting company (Network Solutions). I didn't even realize it. Duh! So, I set it up there. It isn't the perfect URL but for now I think it will be great! I can add another URL later if I buy another one.

So ignore that link up there - here is what I am up to now. I am MUCH happier with this!

Ah, yes I see you have two very different templates that match your message. Good stuff - thanks!
If you want to track your followers WordPress does not allow you to do that at this time. Blogger does.


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