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For example, "Are you a mom with an adopted child and you've never had any information to give your child about his or her birth family? Shawna King's new book, "I've Told You Everything I Know, Sweetheart: What to Tell Your Adopted Child When You Don't Have Anything Else to Tell Them" is a great book for the parents who need to know, "Where do I go from here? How do I answer my child's question?" Read an excerpt or buy it today at [link here]

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In so many cases, many don't seem to truly understand who and what a Christian Really is. Some call us followers of Jesus, others call us Children of God; and yes, while all of those answers are correct they can be somewhat illusive in that they limit the true scope in the full description of Who and What we are as Christians. This book details six key elements that explain the true identity of who a Christian really is and What Characterizes him.

Feel free to read an excerpt or buy the book on amazon at or on Kobo Books at


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