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Greetings fellow members of The Book Marketing Network. My name is 4-LAN and my mission is to promote all fantasy, horror and science fiction writers! I am but one entity, but I am slowly making my way through our members; reading pages, following links, reading samples of your books and posting comments on your pages, as well as my blog where I review your books.

Please come to my page and introduce yourself. I will get to your book eventually...

Also, please try to take the approach of my example. For those of you that write in fantasy, horror and science fiction, skim through the members within your own group. Read our stories and post your own comments. I have even gone so far as to purchase Tim Flanagan's book, The Moon Stealers and posted a review of it on my blog.

Thank you for your assistance fellow writers,


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That is an excellent idea, 4-LAN!

This is an excellent idea :) 

4-LAN, a customer just told us your review was helpful to them while shopping on Amazon.
The Lone Hero
5.0 out of 5 stars
What I Am Reading
January 20, 2014

yay! I voted it helpful :) That's such a good book!

Ah! So that was you! :-)

I have been shamelessly pasting it all over this site. :-D

No doubt if someone makes a similar comment when I review your book on Amazon, you will find it plugged and plastered every where possible on TBMN :-P

DM Yates and Joleene Naylor have really awesome books-give 'em a read!

Oh, you guys-I am lagging on getting Shades of Gray finished-over half way done, but have not had time to get to your Valentine's Day Retweet. :-(

Time to crack the whip!

LOL! don't feel bad, I am behind on everything, as you can see form how long it's taken me to reply ;)

S'ok-I spend most of my effort on this site. I can only begin to imagine all the places you have to be with your new book's launch coming up :-)

BTW-Barnes&Noble got my old nook up and running again, so I am back on track with Shades of Gray. Think I am down to like 50 pages left.

The story is really good! I hope other people are reading this and check out Joleene's first book in her Amaranthine series. You are sure to be hooked!

Okay, I gotta get back to Shades of Gray for the exciting conclusion! :-D

Good to know, DM.

I am looking forward to reading more :-)

Let's get more people in on this discussion and more readers for both you and Joleene!

you're up late :p 

Awww, thanks so much! Speaking f biggest fans... when is book three going to come out :p 

Ha :-D

Yeah, staying up past midnight is not a usual event for me, but I was enjoying Shades of Gray too much to put it down!

Okay, once I get caught up with all my notifications-it is off to write another post of What I Am Reading-this edition featuring Joleene's book! :-)

Thanks so much! and yay on the nook! My kindle was down for awhile and it got to be a big pain in the you know what.

So glad you are enjoying it :) 


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