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I’m just amazed at the number of Kindle and Nook ads that I’m seeing on television. It seems just the other day that people were scorning ebooks as a fad that would never take off. Well, guess what? People were wrong. Kindles and Nooks are selling by the millions now. I foresee a near future where paperback books, like music CD’s and large boomboxes, will be an oddity, a relic from the past. Now, I’m not talking about coffee table books and photography books, and the book as a work of art. I’m talking about commercial fiction novels; the stuff I write. Every time a new ereader ad comes on television I smile, not because the world is turning to ebooks and I’ve got my ninth coming out in a few weeks, but because this new revolution in publishing is allowing talented introverts (like me) to write what we want in peace and without worry about the marketplace. If the story is good it will find its niche. Making a living as an indie author is a slow go and there are literally thousands more books available than ever before. The big-time publishing process is slowly eroding, but the new ebook revolution gives renewed hope to those writers who would never have endured the long, arduous road it used to take to publish a commercial novel in a major publishing house, only to have the book available for six to eight weeks and then disappear forever. So bring on the holidays, and new book buyers, and indie writers with stories to tell. Bring on the holiday travel (ugh!) and all that mess. And be sure to bring along an ereader to pass the time. And perhaps, check out what I write.

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