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How can a yet to be published book be offered at a discount by Amazon book sellers?

I have two books listed on They are being supplied by Ingram as POD. No other copies have gone out yet, except for some Advanced Review Copies to individuals. How can there be 5 or more book sellers offering my books at a discount?

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What's the question? I wanted to use Amazon too! What's the problem? Help me to not make the same mistake!

I asked the same question when I started out. It is okay. It is a good thing, not a bad thing.

If you are in the Ingram catalog, as I assume you are by your post, they get picked up from that. They take orders as Amazon would, contact Ingram or where the printer is, have them printed/paid, sent to them, and then send the order to the reader. You are NOT losing any money because they have to pay however you have it set up, and only get any discounts that you give to book sellers/distributors.

I hope this has helped.
Thanks. This is very helpful to know. I appreciate the response.
However, I don't see how they can earn any profit when they are offering 30 and 50% discounts on the books, which are retail for $10.00.

Learn something new every day. I appreciate your reply.
Say you are charging $10.00 for the book. You give a 50% discount to them (amazon, barnes & noble, etc.). They are paying you $5.00 and charging $10.00. They make $5.00. Or they can be making their money off the shipping and handling. That is the way a lot of them do it. My book going media mail at $2.24 but if they charge $3.00 to $5.00 for s/h they make money. Every little bit helps. *smile*


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