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For those of you who have already published and sold books, what is the most effective way to sell books before the book is launched? Have any of you had successful experiences with virtual book tours and local signing events? If so, how did you set up the events? How did you market the events?  

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hey, pre launch marketing can be of great help. often good results are fetched by authors by participating in international book fairs prior to their book launch.

Pre-launch marketing is really effective. It has really helped me to get a good response. When I pre-launched my book "How To Start An HR Consultancy Company?" people came to know about the book beforehand only. The point is how I did it. I had a blog already and I was getting a good traffic from the blog about the topic of the book I wrote. Also, few announcements in the famous blogs helped a lot.  Since, my book is/was related to the business, people liked to read it. Also, I participated in some book launching events. 


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