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How important is, and have you had success there?

It does seem to be the world's biggest online bookstore, but is it easy for people to find your product there, especially when it's new. Any tips?

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Boosting your book's visibility on amazon can be helped by getting people to "tag" your book. The more tags it gets the higher it appears on the list when someone searches for a certain type of book by using the "Search by tag" option.

Basically, there are so many books on amazon that it's nearly impossible for someone to see your book if they're not specifically looking for it in the first place. Tagging does help but if your book happens to be one of a very populated genre then you'll need a heck of a lot of tags to boost it toward the top of the list.

Gary Val Tenuta
Author of The Ezekiel Code

Very good tip, though. Thanks!
There are a number of ways to increase your book's visibility on Amazon. Tags are good, Search Inside (your publisher must submit it and sign up for this option), Suggest a Search, Amazon Connect (author blogs), Listmania lists, and Ampamedia articles are all ways to help it be found. These are all free and should be done for every book. Also, if you get 7+ reviews, Amazon will start to rank your book a little higher.

However, I've found that most people buy through Amazon, but they do their searching via Google. So the key is to get your book out there and make it easy for people to buy, but not to rely too heavily on people doing internal Amazon searches.

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Good advice. I admit I've been a little hesitant to do the read inside option, though. It seems to allow people to look through large portions of the book if they keep coming back.
You can also get listed as an Amazon Author with your publisher's verification. Then you can link your block to Amazon Daily, their version of daily blogs to help promote books, items on Amazon. Plus, you can leave messages to readers and give info through your books listing on Amazon. Plus, I found that getting on some of the author threads can lead to good tips.
I've also found reader group websites like have direct links back to Amazon so readers can buy your book. It's amazing to talk to your readers through the reader group websites as well.
That's what I've found myself over the last few months.
Hope that helps. also has an amazon buy button when you do a listing there. I need to see about getting an amazon blog. Thanks.
I think they put to high of a price on the book. It served as a place where pople could go to get a book when I sent out my announcements. I have sold more books by people that knew me and wanted a book and then the book just took off in different directions. I just haven't been abe to get the right people to read it. to make the book make a name for it self. Linda
You should join Tag My Book on Amazon!. The site offers an author "you scratch my back" service, where they post your book and other authors can tag it for you. They set it up with links to the amazon page and lists which tags you would like to add. My book has doubled the amount of tags in about a week and a half. The link is below.

I have gone through and tagged a bunch of books for other authors hoping to pay it forward.

Hope this helps
I like it!
People, this is an awesome idea. I did submit my book to the site above, and if anyone wants to tag my book here, let me know and I will check and tag yours also.
Hi James,
I just visited your amazon page and tagged your book.
If you would be so kind as to reciprocate by boosting my tag numbers I'd sure appreciate it. My amazon link:


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