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How important is, and have you had success there?

It does seem to be the world's biggest online bookstore, but is it easy for people to find your product there, especially when it's new. Any tips?

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No problemo buddy.
Done deal. I think we're on to something here!
Hey, thanks!
One thing's for sure... It can't hurt! :-)
I'd love to become part of this.

Here is my book:

I'll return the favor for anyone who tags mine.
Just tagged the Shamanism book. Sounds interesting too.
Thanks, I just tagged your book as well. Hope it helps!
I tried twice to tag your book but the tags didn't take for some reason. There was a (2) beside each tag term. When I clicked each tag the number went to (3). But when I left the page and then came back to it I found the number had reverted back to (2). Don't know why that happened.

Lucien and all,

Thanks for participating in my "Tag my book on Amazon" blog!
I hope you find it helpful!

Hi Todd,
Read my comment to Peter about the problem I had tagging his book. Do you have any idea why that was happening?

Hey Gary,
I think your tagging actually worked. If you use the back button on your browser it will look like the tags aren't there but they are. If you log out of amazon and back in, you'll see your tags.

I tagged your book as well (so they are all up to 4 tags)!
Feel free to tag my book as well!

Also, if you want to join the tagging blog, stop on by...

I have tagged all three of these, and many on the site, and have received many tags as well. Many thanks for giving us this opportunity.


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