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How important is, and have you had success there?

It does seem to be the world's biggest online bookstore, but is it easy for people to find your product there, especially when it's new. Any tips?

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Great, I've tagged everyone's book on this list that people listed. Some people have a lot of tags... is there any limit or benefits to having 50 tags or so associated with your book? I've always kept mine fairly minimal (12 tags or so).

Anyways, if anyone wants to tag my book I'll return the favor.
Seriously, you can only pick so many yourself, but it's good to be creative with them. Choose categories that are relevent, or maybe best selling books if they relate in some way to yours. Try to get the most views and interest you can.
Yes it is very easy for people to find a book on You just have to type in the name of the book you want or the authors name.
I like the tagging idea!

If you tag Constellation Chronicles at the link below (checking the boxes for "science fiction" and "fiction"), I'll return the favor on your book. (Just send me a message so I know.)


Hey Vincent, I just tagged your book.

Here is mine:
I just tagged it myself. Great to see so many participating in this.
Hi, I taged your book. I,m not sure if it gives a book a better rating or not. But it sure can't hurt. Thank you, I didn't know anything about tagging. Tatent Lost/A Life With A Purpose
(The Linda Dale Story)

Thank You, Linda
That link actually goit broken somehow, but I did find it and tag it anyway. Here's a link I copied:
Got not goit. Jeez..
Thanks for updating the link James. Linda, I've tagged your book.

If anyone cares to tag my other book, I'd greatly appreciate it.
Hi, I will gladly tag your other book. Linda
I think I've tagged everyone so far!
Also, thanks to all tagging my book The Time Cavern


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