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How many people feel that through their books they have the power to help change lives?

I am writing this to all to get feedback. I would like to know how many people feel like that through their writing they will somehow touch someone and change their life? I write all different genres, but through them I always leave a message; something that I feel a person can draw from; relate to. I feel that with my pen and paper I have a voice to make a difference. I know some people wonder how can someone make a difference with a book like mine. My novel is an erotic novel, but with a very deeply rooted message. The message within, "My Mind's Telling Me No" is that in this life there are going to be things that we come across that is going to make us feel we should reconsider and leave it alone. Now, there are some of us that get that message but ignore it, only to suffer for the mistake later.

I wrote this book hoping that whoever reads it will think twice before they choose to do something they feel with in their heart and soul is wrong. Please feel free to share with me the message you feel your book carries to the world and what you hope people will gain from it.

Thank you so much,
Vanessa Smith a.k.a Lil'Tokyo

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Hi Vanessa,

I see how my writing effects people from the fan mail I've received. Each piece of mail I get is not only from someone who loves my work, but also someone who considers me a role model because seeing what I've accomplished and still am doing, gives them the belief that they can follow their own dreams. I am living my dreams of writing and the best part of that is not only my happiness, but influencing others.

I also get a lot of email from aspiring writers who look up to me. I can't tell you how that feels. I think that every writer has the capacity to change someone's life if it's simply giving them hope and showing them that they can go after their dreams too. It also doesn't matter what you write. I write fiction, mainly mysteries and suspense. I don't write true-to-life books or self-help books and my books still have an impact on people beyond their subject matter.

Every reader looks at a book differently but if someone is writing and their work is being seen by a broad public, it's gonna hit someone on a deep level. Sometimes it has the opposite effect and hits a person the wrong way. Writers get hate mail when this happens. But, most times the experiences are positive. There's nothing sweeter than checking my inbox and finding a flattering letter from someone. It reminds me (even though I never forget) just how important being a published author is.

So yes, I believe an author's work has the power to influence and change people's lives.

Best Wishes!
Another we have to remember is that we can't make folks see what we want them to from our work or books. You just write what's in your heart and hope it hits someone. It might touch only one person, even so that's enough.

I totally agree with your statement. When I began to write my book, I knew that God had placed it on my heart for a reason. After I finished writing it, I was constantly asked what type of result I hoped to see from the book. After sincerely thinking about that question, I was able to see that our gifts and talents are given to us in order to glorify God. If one person is brought closer to God because of a work that I have written, by the grace of God....then I have accomplished much more than I anticipated! Have a blessed day, and continue to inspire!

K.M. Johnson
Author of ~ Knowing The Struggle Is Over! Available Now!!!
"You're not the situation you're in!"
Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to this. I feel the same way, there may be good feedback and negative feedback from your work. but despite all of of that i try my best to just what whatever fills my soul. Hopefully it will touch just one person. I believe that there is a saying that says, "Each one, reach one" At least I think that is how it goes.

Thanks again for the response and Best Wishes to you too! :)
My latest book, "Entering the Age of Elegance: A Rite of Passage & Practical Guide for the Modern Maturing woman" is definitely meant to help midlife women transition into the second half of their lives. I want to help defy the myths of aging and give women something to think about in terms of how they can see themselves as elegant ( it has nothing to do with facial features or body size). I want to help them create an action plan that will give them viable options to live with grace and style.
I've only so far been self-publishing although I am in the process of getting a book published by a well known publisher.
My book is a short memoir of sorts in dealing with mental illness. So far quite a few people have shown interest and in the first week I already sold three or four books on Lulu which was exciting. I feel that books can change lives, certainly! They do all the time change people's lives. I'm reading a book by Wally Lamb, Couldn't Keep it to Myself. I find it to be inspirational and it has really cured my writer's block. I plan on writing a dystopian type book which will carry a message but it has to stretch beyond the 1984, Brave New has to be bigger and more reflective of world politics today.
No one should judge another person by the books or book they write. Writing comes from more than one avenue within a person. Our subconscious has an unfathomable reach. But, it is fair to judge the book/books that are written and again, there is a lot of subjective evidence that some of this is not very accurate. Editors, reviewers and readers are humanly geared toward personal identification, ability, interests, experience, education and profit, (only to name a few) thus we must use every means in our professional bag to judge and market our books. That is, until the author's name is recognized to the point that readers begin buying the trusted name more so than the book.

Even sales are not the only indicator of a good book, because an author with outstanding marketing skills will sell books, money invested in marketing will sell book and connections to the right sources will sell books, even when the books are mediocre at best.

Having said all that which leads up to my reason for writing to you, the following is only my opinion and then I will give you my method for producing books for the market. Number one, I couldn't give a hoot what the reviewers think, I want to know what the readers think. Number two, I would write whether readers or reviewers liked my book or not, I love writing and don't get me started because I never know when to quit. I am happy when my books sell, but that is not my primary motive, it is just an additional reward. I have a passion for writing.

My methodology is this; and I have mentioned it before, but I write what is in my heart and send my work to two trusted readers (not paid reviewers) After getting comments and making suggested changes if I approve of these, I then send the manuscript to my editor, who in turn edits, suggests changes and often revisions are made. My editor has hired an editor who does the process all over again until we finally get what we want. It is not uncommon for the post writing to take much longer than the time it took to write the book in the first place.

I hope something I have said here will encourage you to write more and continue as long as it makes you happy to do so. When we write, we are leaving part of ourselves to the world, which is something that will last much longer than the limit of our own presence here on earth.

In conclusion, there are many examples where a writer's fame only appeared long after that writer had passed through these eartly portals into the hearafter, and on top of that, some of the best books ever written were rejected by numerous publishers only to become a top seller. Good luck, I think you have come to the right place (or should I say "The Write Place" ) to get encouragment and to find resources that you need.

Sincerely, Dr Robert E McGinnis Author of the recent Paradise Series (2008--2009 and author since 1979.

PS excuse my typing mistakes. I am totally blind in one eye and can barely see out of the other and my editor is on her honeymoon. Simply said, I do the best I can and I can accept that.
I'm hoping that through my new book honoring World War II veterans that more and more people, especially young people, can better realize what these brave men went through to protect our way of life in America. If I accomplish that goal, it will mean more to me than any amount of money I make through the sale of "World War II Heroes of Southern Delaware."
Thank you everyone that has responded so far. It feels good to read all of theses responses.

To Dr. McGinnis, your comment was very well written. Thank you.
Your comment is interesting in light of two emails received today. One from California and the other from Indiana remarking how my books have changed their lives for the better. My sole purpose or should I say soul purpose, is to leave part of me for those who follow cave writing has been one of our oldest methods of passing our thoughts and other information to those who follow. Keep in mind that those who follow are us. Genetically we stretch out for eons and hopefully and most likely it will never stop., So, having said that, I might conclude that I am leaving a messasge for my future life in hopes that I will change that life for the better. Dr M, author of the Paradise Series.
My latest book certainly does that! It will help empower midlife and Boomer women to make their transition into Second Adulthood with style and grace.
Vanessa -

I think for many of us, literally changing lives of folks we'll never meet, is our gift.

I recall the day I realized that - as a Paramedic - I was occasionally saving lives. But I believed if I could impart what I know, I could save many more.

I am not at all sure where - when it comes to authors - altruism stops and self-gratification begins. But just maybe, if we give our best, maybe it isn't important.

Best of luck.


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