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I'm interviewing one author every day. Any other sites you know of?

Hi all,
I just started a new (totally free) program called, "10 Questions for..." in which I ask authors the same 10 questions about writing life, getting published, funny things that have happened to them as writers/speakers/authors, etc.

I posted it on HARO (Help A Reporter Out) and got 600 responses in a matter of hours! I've put 3 up in 3 days and have been offered some blog tours of my own (My third book, "The Writer's Digest Guide to Query Letters" came out January 2009) but I'm wondering if you know any sites where I can send some of these folks. I'd love to run them all, but at one a day, it would take me years. We're not talking about 600 self-published authors either. Dan Poynter (yes, THE Dan Poynter) was my second author interview. Some of these folks have been on Oprah, CNN, The New York Times bestseller list, etc.

Any ideas? I'll post it on my blog and maybe eventually email everyone, so be forewarned that you could get flooded with emails from authors!

You can also contact them through their blogs (on my interview site:

I'd love to help fellow authors get as much free publicity as possible. If you email them to offer to host them, please tell them Wendy Burt-Thomas sent you.

Wendy Burt-Thomas
ps. I have a pre-written Q & A of my own about my book on under the media center. I've found it much faster to just send bloggers there to copy and paste it then to have to email it to everyone. Just wanted to share the idea if you don't already do it.

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Outstanding. I love it!

I would be interested in setting up interviews for some of my clients with you. Also, I would love to have you on my new Blog Talk Radio show, Author and Writers Conversations, starting in March.

You can email me at keybusinesspartners[at]yahoo[dot]com.

Thank you for extending an additional opportunity for authors to gain more exposure for their works.


Teresa of
Key Business Partners


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