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Independent publishing company & art community hiring in all areas!!

Strong Truths. We are a collaborative art community and an independent publishing company. We support young artists (writers, poets, photographers, and all other visual arts) ages 13 - 29 (Strong Truths: Untold 29+). We are working on publishing a series of Strong Truths books collaborating with multiple mediums to create a unique and desired product. We are more than a publishing company and art community, we are a movement.

We are hiring in all departments, looking for those willing to work with a company rising from the ground up. If you have any expertise within the publishing, poetry, photography, or any other arts experience, please contact Strong Truths ( We are in great need of writers and editors and those in Marketing, Advertising and Promotion. If you feel you have something to offer us please feel free to contact us.

Departments Hiring:

Marketing & Publicity
Advertising Promotion & Design
Art & Creative Design
Managing Editorial
Subsidiary Rights & Permissions
Legal & Contracts

We are just beginning so benefits and a job pay is either small or non-existent, however our goal is to take great care of our employees. If you stick with us through the long haul you will be greatly rewarded.

Visit our Careers page on the website for more job/business info here.

Strong Truths
Art publishing collective
Looking for writers, visual artists (incl. photographers)

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