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Okay. I love writing adn been writting stories since I was ten years old and after highschool I was determined to publish something. BUt when the publisher I was going to use left my home town I decided to go online and look and I found and it sounded great. I uploaded books, published, posted a website and been on line advertising ever since. My website is called Lelue's Realm But has been online for almost a year and a half now and I've only sold two ebooks. So what I'm asking is, was the best way to go, or is there a another publisher or self publishing company that could be better?

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p>Hi Samie,

I am not self-published but I am a veteran author who knows all aspects of the industry so I think I can kind of help you. If you are truly sure that self publishing is what you want to do, make sure you RESEARCH the pros and cons of it. Most self published authors fail simply because they have unrealistic expectations, do not know how to market and fail to do everything that could give their book a possible chance. Once you've done your research and you still prefer self publishing over traditional then let's talk about LuLu.

From research I've seen that many Lulu authors seem more happy with LuLu than other self publishers and POD companies I've seen lately. What's good about LuLu is that the company seems upfront and does not pretend to be anything more than a way for you to print your book. Note this will not be considered published but "printed". Despite that, as long as you see what Lulu has to offer and are comfortable with that then you're probably safe going with Lulu. The only complaints I've heard about them is the technical difficulties some authors have when trying to upload their manuscripts. I've also heard a lot of complaints with lack of customer services when authors need help. Basically, IF you intend on self publishing I think LuLu is okay. It's one company that seems straight forward and on the up and up.

Companies you should definitely avoid would be Publish America, Authorhouse, Dorrence, Tate, Xlibris. Publish America is a company you should STAY away from at all costs. Doing simple research will let you know what companies are best for you but out of most POD's, LuLu has been the one where authors seem the most satisfied if not all happy, LOL.

Don't give up on the traditional route. This can still be an option for you!

Best Wishes!



Hi Samie;

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Hi Samie,

I have published two books through Lulu. Once you get the hang of all their on line tools for uploading books, it very rewarding.

However, if you are considering self-publishing seriously to generate sales, then I would have to say that Lulu's pricing is pretty much prohibitive. I am coming across more and more Lulu authors who are switching over to Createspace/Amazon because of this.

Ultimately if you are comitted to self-publishing you need to have researched your target market very well and have a definite plan to impliment when your book is launched. The key is getting actual physical shelf space in stores and the current POD publishing model does not serve this very well. It is one thing having a book published through an author service company like iUniverse, Lulu or AuthorHouse, but another thing to actually let people know it is there to buy. Again, a website for your book can help, but like the book it is on line, and people need to know it is there.

Start promoting yourself and your book at a community level in your locale, approach your closest bookstores. They are the ones most likely to stock your books. Contact local newspapers and writers groups and any organisation which may have a link or interest to your book.

Hi. I ran into your query I hope I can help. You may probably decide which way you want to go if you have exhausted all options. Perhaps its best still if you happen to have a publishing plan mapped out and then go from there.

Congratulations on your book thought. There are actually lots of chances for agents/editors/publishers to take notice of your book once they see the finished product. You did ask about other publishing companies. Actually, my friend published with them and has no problem ever since. They have the most EXTENSIVE marketing services, ever, in the planet. :)

In the meantime, I'll give you something to peruse while you are at it. This is downloadable or if you want, you can get something send to your mail. I got mine last week. Very enlightening.

Let me know if you have questions. :)

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I really don't mind it at all. I love people who are honest. I know if i ask a friend or family or even on these online deals, people seem to always play nice than say their actual opinions. Your advise really does help. And you totally brought up the past tense and present tense thing up my attention. I can't believe that I never caught that until you said something about it. Thanks.


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