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I looked around and could not find a forum on this, so decided to create one. This is the section to share your kindle books that are on FREE or 0.99$ promotion and request for downloads and reviews. 

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Free this week!

Deadly Inheritence by Phyllis Mallett

The year is 1927.

Sarah Morton is looking forward to starting her new job as a tutor with a wealthy Yorkshire family.

But she is taken aback when, as soon as she arrives, her young charge, Justin Howard, claims that someone wants him dead.

When she speaks to his great-grandfather, Howard – the owner of the estate – he tells her that he too is fearful for Justin’s life.

Justin stands to inherit everything, and he is worried the other family members are trying to kill him.

Sulky and troublesome, Justin has a bad reputation with his relatives in the house.

But with kindness and empathy Sarah manages to win him round.

She soon realises that someone really is out to get Justin.

Can you she help Howard protect his charge?

Or will she also be in danger from those wishing to claim his Deadly Inheritance…?

Phyllis Mallett is the author of several historical and contemporary romances, including ‘Her Searching Heart’, ‘Love in Peril’, ‘Tides of Love’ and ‘The Heart is Torn’.

Get it here!


For fans of English Village Murder Mystery.. Murder for Miss Emily...FREE

‘Murder for Miss Emily’ is a complex detective thriller that promises to take the reader on a scandalous journey.  

When John Cluster, a local farmer, is found with a poultry-knife protruding from his back, the villagers of Cheswick have something new to gossip about. 
All the evidence points to Miss Emily Mytton, whose house is the unfortunate scene of the crime. But as the last member of the village’s oldest family, and with a firm alibi, surely she must be innocent? 

Detective-Sergeant Norris-Kerr may look like he is not up to the job, but what he exposes goes far deeper than any local gossip. And when William Bright is attacked, Norris-Kerr suspects that one victim was not enough for the killer. 

Can he uncover the killer’s motive before they strike again? 

The answer will lie in one of the village’s best hidden secrets... 

'A perfectly plotted story that is both chilling and memorable.' - Robert Foster, best-selling author of 'The Lunar Code'. 

I've got a book that'll be free on Amazon on Monday and Tuesday, called "The Healing Power of Reiki". It'll teach you everything you need to know about this phenomenal practice of alternative medicine.

The Second Jeopardy by Roger Ormerod - FREE until Friday

"Fast moving with well- orchestrated jiggery-pokery" Times Literary Supplement

Caught up in a jewellery robbery four years ago, Angela Reed was murdered.

Cleared of killing her, but imprisoned for his involvement with the robbery, Harry Hodnutt serves his time and is now released, determined to uncover the truth.

He accepts the help of Virginia Brent, daughter of the Assistant Chief Constable, and together they delve back into Angela’s murder, following leads, digging up dirt on Harry’s old partners in crime and Angela’s double life. 

 “a strongly characterised, intellectually teasing story with a nail-biting climax, which any crime fiction buff ought to relish.” James Melville, Hampstead & Highgate Express.

Free this week!

The Sound of Language by Amulya Malladi

Escaping the turmoil and heartbreak of war-torn Kabul, Raihana settles with distant relatives in the strange, cold, damp country of Denmark. 
Homesick and heartbroken, Raihana bravely attempts to start a new life, trying hard not to ponder the fate of her husband, who was taken prisoner by the Taliban and never heard from again. 
Soon after arriving, Raihana finds herself in a language school, struggling to learn Danish, which she thinks sounds like the buzzing of bees. 
To improve her speaking skills, Raihana apprentices herself to Gunnar, a recent widower who is steadily withdrawing from the world around him, even neglecting the bee colonies he worked so hard to cultivate with his late wife. 
Over the course of the bee season, Raihana and Gunnar forge an unlikely relationship, despite the disapproval of their friends and relatives. 
But when the violence Raihana thought she had left behind in Afghanistan rears its head, she and Gunnar are forced to confront the ghosts of the past as they navigate the uncertain future… 

Get it here:

Free this week - When the Dust Settles by Jason Foss.

A crime thriller that will keep you gripped to every page.

When the young archaeologist Maddy Crowe is drafted in to work as costume advisor on a major feature film about the Roman emperor Septimius Severus, she soon finds herself in the backbiting company of Hollywood actors – and a long way from her normal, safe world of academia. 

But things are about to get much worse. 

The mood on the set quickly turn sour when an unknown writer arrives, claiming that the director stole his plot. 

And twenty minutes after he disappears people lie on the floor, bleeding from near-fatal gunshot wounds. 

The writer is now the police’s prime suspect and a massive manhunt is underway. 

But Maddy Crowe knows something is amiss. 

Why weren’t the high-profile director, production assistants, or actors targeted by the killer? 

She can’t believe that these two co-workers, a historian and a special effects coordinator, could have been the target of an assassination attempt. It’s all too convenient, and nobody’s asking the right questions. 

In an attempt to clear the writer’s name, Maddy pairs up with fellow archaeologist and film-adviser, Dr Jeremy Flint to conduct her own private investigation. 

Marauding through film sets from southern England to the Scottish Highlands, she must use her intuition to figure out who was behind the attack, and who the intended target might have been. 

But Maddy is about to find out that some things are better left in the past… 

Get your copy here:


FREE THIS WEEK!!! Click here to get your copy!

Food Fight by Anne Penketh

After the sudden death of her French husband, Serge, Susan needs a change of scenery. 
Leaving her beloved London home behind, she moves to Washington DC to pursue her high-flying career as a successful marketing executive for the giant food company, DeKripps. 
But as far as her frosty daughter, Mimosa - a vegan political activist, is concerned, DeKripps and all that it stands for is pure evil. 
Desperately missing her husband and trying to keep tabs on her troublesome daughter, Susan struggles to find her feet in her new environment. The one solace is her job, which she loves, … and the stash of delicious new ‘Guilty Secrets’ chocolates in her apartment which she can’t seem to get enough of. 
Susan confides her loneliness in her work colleague, Ellen, who persuades her to try out the bewildering world of online dating – but the combination of dubious dating profiles and her expanding waistline don’t do much for her self-esteem. 
In the process of launching a marketing campaign for her favourite Guilty Secrets chocolate boxes, Susan stumbles upon a few other secrets too – ones that could incriminate the company and all its unknowing employees … and ones that might explain why she keeps having to buy bigger clothes. 
It dawns on her that perhaps her daughter was right all along. 
Will Susan be brave enough to challenge the values upon which her entire career has been built? 
And can she withstand the consequences? 

“Erin Brockovich with chocolate. A heart-warming and very funny voyage to the dark soul of the food industry.” - Angelique Chrisafis, The Guardian 

“This addictive novel is closer to real life in Washington DC than we’d like to think. Fun yet insightful about the lobbying and politicking in the American capital, this take-down of a fictional American food giant is irresistible. Dollars to donuts, it will be the sleeper hit of the year.” - David Usborne, The Independent 

“Bite into this crisp and bitter-sweet novel. Enjoy the exact flavour of life as we now live it. Savour the odyssey of an able young woman through its heartaches and delights.” - Godfrey Smith, novelist 

“Lightly told, this timely and provocative novel is a dark tale that will interest anyone who has ever wondered what happens when the pleasures of the palate intersect with the politics of Big Food.” - Meg Bortin, author of ‘The Everyday French Chef’ blog 

Free this week!

The Warm and Golden War by Nicholas Luard

At one time Sear was the number one photographer with the top magazines, but he’d lost his heart for the bloody upheavals and cataclysms of the big assignments. 

Then a powerful and mysterious man, Roan, offers him a small fortune to cover the biggest story of the twentieth century – the secret exodus of 10,000 Hungarians across the communist border. 

But it’s not as simple as that. 

Sear ends up running errands for Johnnie, his new boss. Errands such as collecting machine guns from airports whilst impersonating a charity worker… 

Headed for Marienkreuz, the main Hungarian camp, he finds his driver, and new friend Lacey dead in an accident. 

When he arrives he meets Anouchka, who’s been at the camp since its beginning. 

He’s almost disappointed by the desolate landscape at the border, expecting something more impressive. 

But when he spots the Russian guns, he realises the real danger… 

Then they find out that someone has been tapping their calls… 

As the raid approaches, tensions rise. 

Will they make it across the border alive? 

And who is it that’s been tapping their calls? 

Sear is out of his depth but desperate to survive…


The Warm and Golden War is a tense political thriller; get your copy here:

Free this week!

Patriots by Kevin Doherty

Russia. The 1980s. 

The Cold War is still raging. 

Mikhail Gorbachev’s strict vision for Russia is driving out the economic corruption that riddled the Soviet regime. 

Nikolai Serov watches as traitors in positions of the highest authority are forced into revealing their hands, knowing that he does not want to fall victim to the same fate of arrest and execution.

As head of the KGB’s First Chief Directorate and one of Moscow’s leading black marketeers and drug kings, Serov recognises that he has only one chance to construct a sophisticated plot which will ensure his own freedom. 

Serov’s intricate plan unfolds in a calculated web of murder and betrayal as he activates a Russian mole who has lain dormant for the past twenty years and now is at the top rung of Britain’s MI5. 

His vision for the future stretches far and wide as his secret master plan succeeds in influencing East and West policy and dictates the fates of their respective governments. 

‘Patriots’ takes the reader right to the heart of Russia. Meticulously researched, complexly plotted, explosively violent and ruthlessly authentic, it is the first novel to deal with the darker side of Gorbachev's programmes of perestroika and glasnost. 

Perfect for fans of John le Carré, get your copy here:

My book of cartoons ANTIDOTE: My Last Bardo is FREE today and tomorrow on Kindle. Check it out!


STOP WORRYING about congress, China, and your inevitable unemployment, and start trusting in the slack affording pages of ANTIDOTE: My Last Bardo!

BE a part of cultural history. INTRIGUE the opposite sex. KNOW more about money, culinary things, cyber stuffs. This glorious collection of cartoons and sketchbook pages was printed in response to a huge public demand for NOWSPACE FULFILLMENT. A cartoon from a small town paper made history and now you can too!


2 Crime Books:

Cold East by Alex Shaw

Get your copy here!

In Ukraine, MI6 operative Aidan Snow rescues a British national held by Russian insurgents. 

In the United States, a terrorist attack is thwarted by a man who does not exist. 

In Russia, a notorious Chechen terrorist escapes from the nation’s most secure prison. 

And in Afghanistan, a Red Army soldier long given up for dead delivers a chilling message: Al-Qaeda has an RA-115A, otherwise known as a ‘suitcase nuke’. 

As the connection between these separate events begins to become clearer, MI6 and the CIA must attempt to prevent the world’s first act of nuclear terrorism. 

But who has the weapon, and what is the target? 

Stretching from London to Langley, Virginia, from Afghanistan to Chechnya and the Caucasus, Intelligence services the world over must work together to foil the terrorist threat that lurks in the shadows. 

The clock is ticking. 

And you never know who you can trust. 

Aidan Snow faces his biggest challenge yet, and if he fails, thousands will be incinerated. 

‘Cold East’ is an international contemporary thriller, perfect for fans of David Baldacci, Chris Ryan and Tom Clancy. 

Turning The Tables by Julia Underwood:

Get your copy here!

St Tropez. 1969. 

Chris Marshall, a former public schoolboy, meets Pete Baxter, the pot-smoking drummer of a rock band. 

He couldn’t have known how at that moment his life had been changed forever. 

Eight years later, and Chris is married to Lucy with a young son, Jamie, and a house in Fulham. 

With the luxury of money and a bit of free time, Chris has left his job and has begun studying at university. 

Life is simple; life is good. Until Pete comes back. 

Pete’s latest idea: to use his new position as croupier at a West End casino to stage a drawn-out heist, with the help of Chris and a gang of other informants and players. 

After training for months to become an expert at Blackjack, Chris finally begins to feel at ease inside the lavish halls of the Acropolis Club. 

With a gang of crony croupiers including Greek George, indebted Steve, tragic Lenny, and young part-time carer Don, Chris begins to play every night of the week. 

He’s getting good. 

But at the Acropolis, the House is always watching. 

Always waiting for a slip up. 

When you play high stakes, there is always a risk of losing. 

But when you play the highest stakes of all, betting not with luck but with a dangerous plan, you’re even closer to the lion’s mouth… 

‘Turning the Tables’ is a gripping heist story, based on true events of 1970s London, of a group of gamblers trying to turn the tables in their favour. 


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