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I'm looking for a book cover designer to create the cover art for the official PROMO DAY book which will be available in both print and ebook format. They will be included as an official sponsor for the event with all the benefits that includes (see site for full details). If interested please contact me at

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for all great cover ad go to I got my own there and just a note. put in your price, do not leave it open. i got 6 custom book cover that I get to keep the rights for 400.00. when one cover from a publisher can cost 800.00 alone
Thanks for the information Yolanda but what I'm looking for is a cover in exchange for pubblicity. Sorry I wasn't very clear in the post. I'm trying to find a cover art deisgner to design the cover of the PROMO DAY book in exchange for all the benefits of being an official sponsor of the event. This will mean a LOT of free pubblicity for the designer and their company. They will obviously be able to include a footnote on the back cover stating that it was designed by them along with their website address. They will also be included in the book and on the site and blog for the event and mentioned in all marketing for the book.
Please let anyone you know that might be interested in sending me their design idea. This is a huge opportunity for one lucky cover designer. I'm happy to consider work by both experienced and new designers. Full details for what is required will be posted to the official PROMO DAY blog this week
You have to contact Marcello Milteer (on this network) he did the cover for my next book. He is great. He's the author of Karate Cat.

Thank you Teresa. Marcello has already been in contact with me (I know him through myspace). He is very talented and has done some great work. I'm hoping he will be amongst those submitting their design for the cover of the PROMO DAY book.
All designs submitted will be posted to the PROMO DAY website and the most voted by the general public will be used for the book. This way all designers get to show off their talent and get FREE pubblicity for their workand I get to use the most popular design. It's another win-win!


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