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I'm doing a
blog series on marketing for fiction and looking for guest bloggers on
the subject. Let me know if you have any interest.


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Hi Cynthia I would be happy to be a guest Blogger -
My name is Nicole Trist and I write a book review blog called Books, Books Everywhere where I write all about the books I am reading, I run giveaways, I conduct author interviews and I do reviews on request.

Nicole Trist @ Books, Books Everywhere
Cynthia, I would be happy to help write, or provide the material for, an article on book marketing platforms. For example: How do you aggregate the Internet 'buzz' (i.e., Twitter, Blogs, book trailers, Youtube videos, etc.), combine it with traditional internal marketing (i.e., chapter samples, author bio, purchase options, etc.), organize, package and 'push' the content to readers.

I might make a good summary posting to tie all the individual marketing components together.

Chris Glennon
SmartSymbols Book Marketing Platform
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Hi guys, email me and I'll get you set up for a guest blog post.



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