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A book is a message that the recipient expects will fit his or her fancy or gain some benefit from reading the book.  I've learned that Christian books are particularly difficult to market because the Christian community is so diverse.  The reason that there are 1000's of churches in this country is that they have different doctrinal beliefs.  I've published three books only to learn that Christians either buy doctrinal specific books or they know the author.  I have been told that many of the famous  contemporary Christian authors use ghost writers.  I have no need for a ghost writer since I have graduate level training in my field.  Does anyone have advice on how to reach the polarized Christian community?

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Thanks for the suggestion. I have joined that group.
i agree that social networking is a must these days. Gary suggested Shoutlife, but may I also suggest, Christian Author Book Marketing, John 3:16 Marketing Network, and Edgy Chritian Fiction Lovers. (If your book is at all 'edgy'!) Of course, ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) if you write fiction ... and everywhere else. Don't limit yourself to 'Christian' sites. Networks like this one always tend to have a lot of Christian members.
I have four books published. One is a critique of the relationship of modernity to the church. Another is a theological dictionary. One is a mini systematic theology for layman and the latest is a brief commantary of Hosea. The next 5 or 6 books will be brief commentaries of books of the Bible. My works are definitely limited to a Christian adn the niche becomes thinner because of the nature of my work. Thanks for all your suggestions. I'll try them.
Have you thought of contacting different churches with your same beliefs and trying to see if you can be a guest speaker? Then put your books on a table to sell them. And I also agree, hit the social networks, it is amust these days. And do you have Twitter, FB, etc? I also suggest you contact Diane Eble. She is on this site and has great advice on selling any type of book.


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