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My "Power Points" Are Essential to hot selling books~

Writing you book quick and easy, the way I teach it, is simple.
That’s my ten years of writing experience talking. You know that nobody
should take ten years to write a book, not even War & Peace. But it took
me ten years, and that’s how I know all of the stuff I teach you works.

You see, I self-published my novel and it went on to win prestigious
awards, and sell wonderfully to cross-over markets. The sequel I’m
working on is much easier.

But actually, I should be through with my next novel by now,
except I’ve been helping you guys get your writing projects off the ground
before I go underground. In January 2010, I’m leaving you to those I’ve
trained to carry on my method. I’m going to finish my book and just
conference with you once a week.

Ok, we did premise last time, and so many of you understood that, sort
of. This week, we going to talk about another pre-novel writing item—
Power points.
What’s that? In every story there are about 6 major events
you’ll want to share with the world and spread them out through your
story. Those are called “power points.”
What did I use to show my premise—division in the Black Race
hinders progress? I wanted to show division in the social arena first.
Indigo was a wealthy lawyer’s wife with a Masters Degree in Urban
Planning. She had socialite status, but she was stuck in the innercity
With her husband (considered a bad location). So the Westside socialites,
her friends, gave her a hard time. “Oh, that dark skin and bad address…”
How could she be the President of the prestigious Diamonds social club
with those no-no’s?

I showed the debutante ball where Indigo advances the money for an
Emergency at the hotel, but her club members weren’t thinking about
Her welfare when it came to giving her the money back without
going through the National organization, for fear they would be criticized
by such a high class entity.

For Black Americans, new leadership of the 80s was mostly selfish at best, and
when Indgo’s husband decided to use the human potential of every citizen to
create an economy and progressive infastructure, the other city leaders turned
against him, and ultimately, he was assassinated.

I also wanted to show how ridiculous it was for African Americans
to try and divide themselves by skin color, gender, education, economics,
background, and geographic location. So each item was given a chapter
to prove my point, or what belief I wanted to scream to the world.

At the Women’s Grassroots Luncheon, where Indigo spoke, we saw division
to beat all divisions—Indigo has Diamonds as her guests and supporters, she
is to gain support of the grassroots women who lives in Jordan Downs, the
working class of the hotel, local leadership who arranged for her speech are
all in one hotel room. That’s when sparks fly—that is until she gave away
the great Sapphire to a local, project-living, uneducated woman who accused
her of looking down on her. Indigo’s reaction causes a tiny shift in all areas of

I have read that chapter at groups and women came to me crying, saying
“forgive me.” That’s how real and personal the proof of my premise
was. It was what connected, stuck, touched. It came from the proof of my
premise that those divisions were crazy, of no value.

So, here’s how you lay your premise down as Power Points on the pages:

Power point 1. Indigo gets the ax at the women’s social club meeting because
of background, hue, and geographic location.
Power Point 2. Indigo gets the big sapphire on a fluke, but gives it away
to diminish division—at the luncheon
PowerPoint 3. Altercation with best girlfriend at the big political party
about the use of cocaine—how it divides.

PowerPoint 4. The city was being targeted to distribute drugs by the politicians,
or develop the incubator to empower every citizen

Power Point 5. Finding help with identifying the assassin; leadership was hiding
something. Why?

Power Point 6. Indigo wanted truth about husband’s death; police department
Wanted cover up. Why?

Power Point 7. How FBI and drug lords split the community for illegal gain;
Indigo wanted cultural and economic growth

Your big scenes are to be spread out on your pages. Now create your plot
outline by filling in chapters between the power points.
Try it. It’s easy. It works.

I’ve seen many writers try to get by without Power Points, but when their stories are done,
they come back to me crying that they want help to unscramble the confused mess they’ve
made. I REFUSE! It’s too easy and fast to do it right. If you’re a VIP member you
attend the classes once a week and attend teleseminars to see if you’re staying on the
right track. If you don’t attend, I can’t help because my consultation fee for private
time is $250 an hour.

Look what you get for free. You can write THE BESTSELLER-KIND OF NOVEL from reading
MARTHA’S BIG MONEY TIPS, or my VIP BLOG for FREE. Or you can take the e-course for a small
monthly fee. So there’s no excuse.

Till next time—much love,

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