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Need 10 more bloggers for a Christmas story-telling blog tour

2 bloggers are on board already, but I need 10 more to pull this off.  Everyone loves story-telling at Christmastime, so why not join me?  Don't worry about extra effort at this busy time of year, just copy and paste the text I send you and add a link.  Contact me if interested.

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Sure thing.
Ill email ya.

Did you get my response?  I haven't heard back from you. . . 

Time to update this thread.  I've got 5 bloggers on board now, possibly a sixth, and need 6 more.  If you know anyone who might be interested, have them contact me?

Thanks Bobby for your email, I look forward to your response.

I now need 6 more bloggers before next Wednesday so I can finalize the tour and get it launched.  If you know any bloggers who might be interested, have them contact me?


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