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I have an exceptance letter from a publisher Publish America, They want me to sign a contract They like the story of my manuscript, but my editing use of comms periods and so forth sucks. This is the first time trying to write and sell my story. Where could I get help with for the proper editing.

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Do not sign with Publish America. Have you even Googled them? If you did, you would have seen millions of reasons why you don't need to sign with them. They are not a publisher. They are a scamming, author mill. Signing with them will not make you a "published" author, only a laughingstock. In other words, a blind monkey can type up a manuscript and PA would accept it. They accept anything that comes their way. Please do research and don't be in a hurry to publish with someone.

Also, if your grammar sucks (and I don't mean to be mean, but I could tell by your post you have problems with it), I don't know if English is your second language or whatever but you are NOT ready to submit to publishers if you cannot write correctly. You need to work on your grammar and sentence structure.

Editing cleans up your work, it's not for you to use if you need to do more time studying grammar. I'm not trying to be mean, but you are not ready to be published anywhere if you can't write correct grammar. Your post is full of mistakes and doesn't make a bit of sense. I only had to guess what you meant.

Take your time and learn the craft before trying to publish. Also, do research next time. The fact that you even approached PA in the first place proves you didn't even do the basics such as Googling. If you had, you'd have seen that PA is not a real publisher. They prey on naive writers who are not at all ready to be published.

Decent writers work on their craft. They don't go with vanity pubs and author mills.

Check out these sites to learn more:

Preditors & Editors (Go under publishers and look under Publish America)

Then: (Go to Bewares and Background board and go to the Publish America threads).

Then Google (you will find more than enough info)

If these don't prove you have no business dealing with PA, nothing will. Also, read some books to learn the craft of writing. I doubt you're ready to publish with anyone, if your manuscript is like your post.

Once again, not trying to be mean but your thread proves you are just not ready to try to publish anything.

Best Wishes!
well thank you for your responce, I know my grammer and sentence formation sucks.And thanks for the info on publish America. I did look into them on google and there is a lot of negitive responces on them.
i have been trying to find me an editor or possible even a ghost writter to complete this book for me
I'm not a writer and probaly will never be, I'm just a guy with a story to tell. I have someone that thinks the story would be better if visualy seen, and would like to write a screen play and present it to some producers for 5 grand Ha Ha. I'm sure it's a great price but out of my range.

thank you.
Hi, I'm new to the board, but not to PA. Run from them!!! As Stacy said, just google them and you'll see allll the complaints against them. And I also echo It's a great place. Good luck!!

Thank you Kim for responding i'll check them out.
Maybe you could collaborate on the screenplay with someone else, or learn more about it and write it yourself? You sound very passionate about your story and I wish you the absolute best. Keep your chin up, William! Good things are in store for you!
You can try your local editors association (just go to and enter 'editors association' in the search term box). They should be able to direct you to a reputable trustworthy editor. Feel free to connect with me directly at if you have any other questions around editing or marketing your book.
Best, Alison


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