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Ready to publish 1st e-Book -- Need Advice

Hello all, and thank you for taking the time to consider my questions.

I am both author of a series of non-fiction, how-to books, as well the the owner of the small publishing company putting these books out in the world.

The first book is currently ready in e-book format, finished and waiting in industry standard ePub as well as Mobi formats.

My first experience working with both Apple and Amazon was daunting to say the least. After three hours on the phone with both at least half my questions remained unanswered, which brings me here. Any help and advice is greatly appreciated.

1) I am frustrated at the thought of going through endless hassles with each ebook outlet (mainly Amazon, Apple, B&N), and as such I am considering using an aggregator. Has anyone worked with an aggregator known as "Ebookit"? They claim to have incredible distribution on all the major ebook outlets (as well as Ingram), and have good reviews from what I have see so far. Hard to know if the reviews are legit of course. I compared them and their terms to BookBaby, who seems to regularly get horrid reviews. Any other aggregator you really like?

2) My publishing situation is this:

I am both the current author of all materials I am presenting to the world, as well as the publishing company owner. Perhaps I should say "publishing house?" I am VERY new at this. After getting materials of my own in the form of eBooks, print books, DVDs, and Audiobooks out into the world I intend to start representing other authors and their works within the same genre. All must go out in the name of my "publishing company" and my own materials by my pen name.

To this end, I have taken the time to set up the publishing company as an American LLC, completely apart from my personal accounts. All funds coming in from sales must be routed to the business accounts, taxes on income are connected to the business EIN of the publishing company, etc. 

Yet when I go to Apple myself, they will not take the credit card for their iTunes Connect that goes to my publishing accounts, only my personal card. The whole thing is very weird to me - why do they need a credit card from me at all??? In any event, when I use my personal card just to even get into iTunes Connect, ALL of my publishing company information (which is what I want customers / fans to see) converts to my personal information. Extremely frustrating.

Again, I am having nearly the same experience with Amazon as well, which is why I am considering an Aggregator like Ebookit.

Any / all advice greatly appreciated!

Equally, if there is anyone out there who would be willing to be a bit of a "Small Publishing Company" MENTOR, it would be absolutely Wonderful!

Say via Skype?

Thank you again for your time.

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Hi, I am a budding author. I have recently come across a site, I think worth checking. see

Hi roy.

Thanks.  Formatting is not one of the issues I have, as described above.

I use Smashwords to distribute to Apple and B&N etc, then just do Amazon myself. Smashwords lets you have a publisher account free, I know, though I just have a single author account so I can;t give you any advice on the publishing house portion of it. 


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