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Selling Books Depend upon What Kind of Book...

The kind of book one has dictates where one sells that book, and
where one sells that book depends upon how many books can be sold.
I did a lot of experimenting on where my book would sell best. then
I would put more energy in that venue. for example, I found a wonderful
market for my book with nonprofits, as my book is a thriller sprinkled with
social commentary.

I am a tiny publishing company, and my book was the first book published.
I lost money on consignment. The book store owners lost the books,
never paid for the book, didn't send payment, and I had to chase them down.
I DO NOT do consignment. I sell to bookstores at a larger discount for their
business, but not consignment. Nonprofits, on the other hand, became
my bonanza, and still works better and better. I include indi book clubs in
that. They quietly help you out by allowing you to speak and sell.

Back of the room sales can be a real boon. The biggest job with that is
getting hooked into one of their events, where you have a spot on the program.
It a gift that keep on giving from both sides. I keep settting up and giving them
25-40% of my profits, just as if I were at a bookstore. Bookstores, though, never
did any advertisement for me. Nonprofits feed you, send cars for you, and
have a crowd waiting. It's the closest thing to having a branded name. In fact,
you can get a branded name if you're smart about having a philosophy and toot
it every time you go out, the same toot.

Now that I have gathered enough funds, I'm planning to go straight for an bestseller campaign in September. When I see how that one turns out, I'll assess what I should do next.

Martha Tucker, THE MAYOR'S WIFE WORE SAPPHIRES, an urban political thriller

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