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I am an author and I am seeing the negative effects of authors struggling to get their book notice. I have design one of the greatest website, that will allow authors to uploade their books for a small fee, which will be avaiable for pod cast, downloade. like the itunes store. The cost to get this up and running is $3000. I will need 6 investors of 500.00 each, I am the first investor so I need 5 more. As an investor you will recieve lifetime uploade, your book trailer will rotate on the first page for life, there will be lifetime pod cast, classified. I will only take 5 inestors so there will be less confusion. the money will be placed in an escrow at This is a great way to promote authors who knows it can become the next google, youtube, etc. I don't have that kind of money, because if I did I would have already built it. This is just for an investment after 3,000 is reach there will be no more donations, everyone who took part will be able to see the project til it is finished, this is a dream that I think can be successful, But I can't do it alone, I need help

This is not a charity or so forth, if you need more answers I will do my best to please you. like I said this is just a dream, one that can be successful. look forward to supporters, not only with money but also advice.

Sorry if this by chance offend anyone, But I had to ask, like the bible say "you have not, because you ask not" thanks

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Hi Yolanda,

I applaud your efforts. I don't think you'll offend anyone with the post. I'm all about dreams too. I'd like to share my opinions as a veteran author if I may. First, isn't there a way you can put together a site that's cheaper for yourself? Also, authors don't like to be charged for what you're offering. I'll explain why. It's based on your site's potential competition. There are many sites (some well-known in the industry) that offer what you offer for free. A new writer or that writer who really needs the exposure will jump at the sites that offer the free promotion. See what I mean? Also, with this economy I feel this could be a downside for your site. I believe the payment thing is gonna have some of them turning away when they see this for free elsewhere.

Also, this would take a long time to develop wouldn't it? I'm thinking of traffic. You'd have to build some excellent traffic and ensure it gets a lot especially if authors are to pay for the chance to be on the site. This should be done BEFORE you open authors to your site. Without traffic, authors aren't going to care about your site. They're trying to sell books and they want to be on a site that's gonna be seen. If you get super traffic then that will be great but if the site gets none to moderate traffic, writers will not be interested. I tell you that in a minute, LOL. So traffic is a big thing to focus on even before the site comes in. Maybe you already got this figured out or whatever, wasn't sure but wanted to mention it.

Also, about the investors. Yolanda you would be better off looking for professional business investors with this instead of what this particular site we're on attracts. You can find someone, just in better places. But once again here comes the questions about traffic, etc. You're not gonna be able to obtain many investors for a site without being able to prove that it can guarantee good exposure, traffic and will actually do something for the writer's books and get them some recognition. You're gonna have to prove yourself as being able to have this type of site. Are you familiar with advertising? Are you a salesman? Do you have experience or certain degrees that qualifies you for starting this site? Can you obtain readership and keep up participation? Can you ensure that authors will join? These are things investors are going to look at before shoveling out money. They'll want to see your business plan, and they have to be guaranteed this site will work. That's the hardest part. The site can be started and I know you have great intentions but will it do what you intend for it to do? The investors don't care about a dream, they want a guarantee if they go into their pockets, LOL.

Many sites promise to bring writers exposure and even though they try, fail simply because no one visits the site. If it's thought out well it could work but I wish you could do it without having to charge authors at all. I think that would be good because to me it just seems better when an author is offered free promotion. You can charge for some of your services, like if you plan to do trailers or create virtual book tours or stuff like that. But charging just to upload a book cover or profile is not gonna work best for you, Yolanda. There are just too many sites offering this for free already. I am truly against charging authors for basic things, some promotional services is understandable but I don't believe in charging authors for uploading profiles, book images stuff like that. They can get that for free on the Ning sites. See, this is gonna be your competition, people who offer this stuff for free. These are the main questions you should ask yourself:

Why would an author pay to participate in this when other sites are free?
What makes my site different from all the others?
What knowledge and expertise do I have to run this site?
How will I receive advertisement in order to bring my site to the highest level?
What does my site have that's different from all the others?
Can I guarantee top-notch exposure for books and at least some sales to authors?

Since you require payment from authors and investors, you've got to have a proven strategy. Now if you opened a free site, that would be different. You could open your own Ning site and do all of this for free. You wouldn't have to charge anyone and you wouldn't have to pay a thing. See what I mean? People are gonna want to know what's so different about your idea since they gotta pay. That's the issue. With a free site you don't have to prove anything. Just let people join.

Another thing about the investors, now, once they invest their money? Are they gonna get it back? What I mean is, is that where the small fee for the authors comes in? If so, you gotta guarantee that you'll attract enough authors to get the investors their money back as well.

I hope you understand what I mean. I'm not trying to be negative or down your idea. I think you got the right idea and it's great to want to help other authors but I believe you can find a better way that will be beneficial to you and writers.

Best wishes!
yes, I was going to start it off free and maybe only charge like a fee of 2 bucks, and this was only because with a website expenses are involved. I do have a website, but to people they just don't want another website, so I was going to make it like Itunes. I check with a few designers and this will take a month to set up and test. I value your opinon and will copy them so I can make sure I learn. It's just that I see how hard it is for good authors, I will do my best to get it going on my own. and I will come back and still offer the same deal, because it's not about money, I just love books. and than you so much you have open my eyes to some other idea's. If you need support in anything let me know.


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