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I used to think I was a really strange person. While everyone else I knew was out socializing and going to concerts, movies, and having meals out, I would stay at home, sit in my room, and write stories.


I thought I was even odder when I got older and went to college. While I did my fair share of partying, I never got into that whole social clique thing. While my friends would be outside playing football or Frisbee tag, I’d be in my dorm room cranking out poetry (that’s what I was into at the time) and writing short stories; always dreaming that fame and fortune would come my way and make this obsession of mine seem tangible. I even got a reputation at school of a guy who wouldn’t answer his dorm room door even if I was in there because I’d be writing and didn’t want to be disturbed.


My friends never teased me though for they saw my ambition and determination to make it as an author.


Fast-forward fifteen years of sitting alone in rented apartment after apartment, and then finally buying a home, constantly writing, ignoring request to meet with friends, go spend a day in the city, or even gather some buddies for a beer at a bar; spending 90% of my time alone and writing. Amazingly, an incredible woman actually fell in love with me and my quirks, and we got married.


More years of fervent writing passed. My wife nor I never gave up hope of hitting it big with my books. Then Facebook came along and the era of the internet and everything changed forever.


Suddenly, I’m back in touch with all those people of my past who were left wondering whatever happened to me. Suddenly, the whole world opened up to my unique writing style and my books, and provided me a way to sell my work to a potential audience of billions. Suddenly, all my friends see the result of all those years of isolation and sacrifice. Now they read my books. Now they send me text, Facebook, and email messages saying how much they like my stuff. Now they read my blog and follow my career. Now, they don’t think I’m so strange anymore. And that has made it all the sacrifice worth it.


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