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As I write this there are over 300 members at the Christian Authors Connection. This is the place to tell us about yourself, your book, your ministry, your goals, whatever you'd like. To make it EASY for our members to scan through the bios, put the TOP LINE of your introductions as what you most want people to know about you or your ministry NICHE.

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In 1975, at the age of thirty-three I made a promise to God that if I survived a tumor at the base of my brain that was an immediate threat to my life, I would tell the world of His miracles in my life.

My recently published book God Smiles for Me, Why Death Could Not Hold Me, is my most recent effort to fulfill that promise.  It is the story of my life before, during, and after an incredible spiritual experience that became the core element in my unshakable belief in God and the promise of eternal life. 

The doctors said I would die. They were right. During that surgery my heart stopped and I had an out of the body experience. Freed of my body I made a brief trip to heaven. At some point along the way my journey stopped, and my long deceased grandfather told me I had to come back to earth because God still had a purpose for my life.

God Smiles for Me, Why Death Could Not Hold Me, is my testimony of hope, promise and commitment, the power of prayer, and the healing grace of God. But most of all it is a story of love; of God, family, community, and this wonderful journey called life. It is a how-to-book on the joys and benefits of living a Christian life.


My name is Jerry Pitts and I recently completed my first book titled, Reflections: My Personal Journey. The book is essentally my life's testimony and the amazing works God has done in and through my life. The book is filled with deep, personal events from my life from my early years of overcoming drugs to the dealing with my youngest sons suicide in 2009.  It is my prayer that this book will demonstrate the faithfulness of our Lord as He has been my refuge and strength, my everpresent help in times of trouble. Psalm 46:1


With this being my first book I really had no idea of what I was doing. The book was literally written in five days as each day I simply sat, listened and wrote down the things the Lord brought to my remembrance. It was no doubt a very amazing experience.


I have had many positive reviews (see below) of the book from my inner circles but really have no experience in marketing the book to a larger audience. I am always open to suggestions. I did not really write the book to sell and still offer it as a free read from my website. For those who cannot or do not want to read it online the book is available from my publishers website as well as most online retailers. If anyone is interested just let me know and I can send you a link.


For anyone who would like to read the book from free you can visit


Here are just a few of the reviews:


An emotional, and at times, heartbreaking testimony of a life redeemed, a life changed, a life given a purpose – the kind of purpose that can only come from a personal relationship with God.
– Sharee Brewer

An inspiring testimony to the works of God in the lives of those who thirst and hunger for the love of God!
– Amanda McLelland-Harpole

I started reading and could not stop until I had read every word. It was an encouragement to me because I could see the faithfulness of God at work in Jerry’s life and believe this book will be a blessing to many.
– James Larry Mitchell, Planted Seeds Ministry

Right now I really can’t fully express what I feel after reading this book – I could not stop reading it once I started. It amazed me how willing Jerry was to be completely honest about his life – there was no sugar coating his words.
– Beverly Sermons Boyd

I checked my email and read your whole book! I couldn’t put it down! Thank you so much for writing Reflections. It not only ministered to me as I have no doubts that it will minister to everyone who gets their hands on it. I can’t wait until it is published and will most certainly be encouraging everyone I know to get a copy of it. They won’t be able to put it down until they have completely finished it.
– Judy Dickson, Uniquely His Ministries


"Bigger than a Cardboard Testimony" is my new book. This is my personal story that I wanted to share with others, Christians and non-Christians alike about my life experiences and how God has truly shaped them. My premise is that my life has been saved on three different occasions and throughout the text, my life unfolds and the story is told. It is a very heartfelt book, full of emotion, struggle, pain, and triumph, showing others what God can truly do in an individual's life. 

I'm currently working on marketing my book and would love any tips from experienced authors.

Splinters On The Carpenter's Floor is God's gift to me during a difficult time of depression.  The Holy Spirit spoke to my heart to write down my prayers as I prayed to God countless nights to break the grip of depression over my life.  I read these prayers to my wife and sisters everynight as I wrote forty two different writings.  I learned through this process that through Praise that God will honor you whether it be in song, verbally Praising his name or putting your thoughts and feelings in written form.  I've never written anything in my life and I was really blown away as I began to write, how the Holy Spirit basically took the pen and wrote everything my heart felt.  Lord God Johovah brought me through the most trying time of my life and as I offered these writings before him he began the process of breaking depression's grip.  Thank you King Jesus!

My name is Matthew Miller. I have recently published my first short novel, SHADOW OF THE MASTER  via Amazon. It is a collaborative effort with my late mother. She had written a “framework” manuscript about 30 years ago, shopped it around briefly to publishers and, getting no bites, packed it up. The manuscript had lain dormant for a number of years. My mom passed away in 2009 and, in the aftermath I remembered SHADOW. I asked my dad if he knew where the manuscript might be. He was able to find it and I asked him if he had any objections if I took a stab at revising, updating, and reworking it and going the self-publishing route. He was thrilled with the idea and I went forward with it.
SHADOW went live on Amazon on Sunday. It is a short novel that provides a new perspective on the life and ministry of Jesus Christ through the eyes of a “thirteenth disciple”: a stray dog that decides to accompany Jesus on his journeys after He shows him kindness. It is an exciting, Biblically-based story that is written to appeal to all ages.
I am also at work on my first full-length novel, STILL SMALL VOICE, which I anticipate completing and publishing by spring 2012.
I live in Atlanta, Georgia, with my wife and son. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, animals, fitness, martial arts, and the outdoors. 

My website is at

Follow me on Twitter at

Email me at

Saving Elizabeth: YA Faith-Filled Paranormal Romance to be Released December 14th, 2011


Written to fill the "Twilightish" gap in the young adult Christian market, Saving Elizabeth explores the coming to faith again of a teenage girl who has lost her father to cancer. Teenage angst, forbidden love, and epic spiritual battles combine to make this a must read for any young girl of the Christian faith. Check it out at Twihard fans are welcome!   

From Desert Storm to
Operation Enduring Freedom
Patrick Thibeault
US Army Medical Sergeant (Ret) & Family Nurse Practitioner
Hello, My name is Patrick Thibeault, and I am the author of the book " My Journey as a Combat Medic: From Desert Storm to Operation Enduring Freedom" I can be reached at and my phone number is 219 765 9141. 
Combat Medics are the unsung heroes of war. Hollywood prefers to focus on the glamour of Special Operations units or the spectacle of major battles. Combat Medics seldom make the headlines. Yet without them, hundreds of thousands of soldiers and innocent civilians alike would die on the battlefield, never again to see their friends and families and country.
My Journey As A Combat Medic: From Desert Storm to Operation Enduring Freedom (IBJ Book Publishing, $17.00, October 2011) by Patrick Thibeault offers a compelling, insider’s account of what it is like to be a Combat Medic in time of war. Thibeault narrates the harrowing moments Combat Medics endure as they courageously rush into danger to save wounded soldiers and civilians, their tender compassion in the face of brutality and violence, and their unswerving dedication to making sure they accomplish their mission and take care of the wounded.
“There is no job like that of an Army medic,” says Thibeault “You will travel to places and see things that others can only dream about. It is not an easy job, but it is a rewarding one. The rewards are not badges, ribbons, or bonus money; the rewards come from the good feeling you get from healing people. You will learn new skills on the battlefield that doctors are not taught in medical school yet. You will experience the highs when you save a live. You will experience the lowest of lows when someone dies on you.”
Among the many topics Thibeault can discuss include:
· His experiences working in Task Force Phoenix helping to train a deployable Afghan army that will take over as American troops withdraw.
· Discover what it takes to be a top-notch Combat Medic. The training is long and rigorous. The Combat Medic must constantly prepare for the worst. To do so, he or she must not only know what to do in the heat of battlefield but also stay mentally and physically fit on and off the battlefield.
· Advice for those who aspire to become Combat Medics themselves one day.
· The truth about Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) and how it affects veterans in particular. Learn why conventional treatments for it don’t always work for those subjected too long to the stresses of the battlefield.
· The unique bonds infantry and communication soldiers forge with combat medics.
· Growing up as a Army brat travelling around the world during the Cold War era
“Bin Laden is dead, Al Qaeda is in shambles, and the Taliban is weak, but we still have American fighting soldiers in Afghanistan ,” says Thibeault, who spent one year in Afghanistan . “The nation of Afghanistan needs infrastructure so people can have jobs and provide for their families. The Taliban took power in the first place because of the instability in Afghanistan . We want to end the war successfully. Ultimately the people of Afghanistan have to take the lead in this; otherwise there is no victory, regardless of definition. Victory in Afghanistan to me would mean a stable government, even with corruption that comes with it. Our enemies have been defeated but is it our job to build this nation?”
Amid the violence of war and the untold suffering it leaves in its wake, the Combat Medic’s humanity and compassion emerges as a bright beacon of hope. My Journey as a Combat Medic: from Desert Storm to Operation Enduring Freedom is a fascinating read that will entertain as well as educate readers about a facet of war that is far too often overlooked.
About the Author
Patrick Thibeault was a medical career soldier for 20 years. He fought in Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm in 1990 and 1991 serving with the 3rd Battalion, 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne) and was sent to Afghanistan with the 76th Infantry Brigade as part of Task Force Phoenix in 2004 and 2005. He retired from the Army National Guard in January 2011. Among his many awards and designations are the Meritorious Service Medal, the Air Medal, the Combat Medic Badge 2ND Award, Expert Field Medical Badge, Crewmember aviation wings and the parachute badge. He holds a Master’s Degree and is a board certified Family Nurse Practitioner and is certified as an Emergency Medical Technician. He lives in Indianapolis, Indiana with his wife, a dog, and two cats. His website is and can be reached at 219 765 9141 .

I'm founder and CEO of I am the Chase Ministries, LLC a christian women's ministry for single women whose mission is to promote abstinence and celibacy.  I'm also an author of two non fiction christian books titled " The Seven Deadly Sexual Sins" and "Before the Lights Go Out:11 Keys to Achieve Real Physical Intimacy".  Both books are inspirational books about healing and learning how to achieve a closer walk with God and with your mate.  Awesome reads and I also speak at schools, churches, book clubs, conferences, workshops, seminars, you name it and I'm there sharing what God has placed on my heart to do.  Check out my website and books at

I am Michael Elliott and the author of Thus Saith Hollywood: Using Movie Dialogue to Stimulate Spiritual Thought. After having spent ten years as an Internet film critic for the Christian community, I decided to stop reviewing films and instead focus on using them for God's purposes. After all, if art imitates life, surely that would mean that art (including cinematic art) would have to, on some level, reflect the truths and principles devised and established by the Creator of life. Visit my website or my newly created blog for more information.  

By the way, I am blessed to have found this group. I look forward to learning and growing from my experiences here.

Demon possessed at the age of nine ,sworn Luciferian/ Satanist at eleven years old.My book "DEATH OF A SORCERER" details my journey through life as a Satanist ,occultist,and sorcerer. The hand of GOD kept reaching out to me through it all and I recount my experiences with GOD himself and the holy angels.All i went through,madness,drug abuse, alcoholism.possession,getting deeper and deeper into the occult and my relationship with the fallen angels.I recount my giving my life to Christ as a young man and what i went through the two years i walked with him.Through deception, my return to the occult and my eventual initiation into the magikal religion of the Yoruba people ,(From which voodoo and santeria are decended), and my self initiation into Odinism and Norse rune magik. My book tells why I returned to Jesus Christ and the living hell I went through for over a decade.My book can be purchased at,, and many others.Web search my book by my name and book title and you will get scores of places selling it.All formats=hard/soft cover and e book.Apologist,researcher,musician/singer/songwriter.Loving my neighbor by speaking the truth in love  and making disciples/preaching the gospel. My ministry to the body of Christ  is informing the body of Christ about false doctrines,practices,movements, and the coming persecutions.

A Story For Everyone Frustrated by Looking for Hope in All the Wrong Places.

The Day The World Retreated is a fictional story set in America in the year 2016.  The thesis is that true hope for the future comes through faith in God.  This message is subtly embedded inside a sci-fi thriller that is intended for both secular and Christian audiences.  I hope this is the first in a series of novels that present Biblical principles in a modern, sci-fi/adventure setting.

For more information,

I'm very glad to meet everyone in this forum.


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